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Nomination for Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards is by invitation ONLY. For Self Nomination write to* or*       Nomination for Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards is by invitation ONLY. For Self Nomination write to* or*

REX is everything, I wanted TED to be.

When I started TED in 1984, the idea was to create conversations, camaraderie, and collaborations of Real People, who like sharing their ideas. I am glad to see that the founders of REX have created a conversation, not just of exclusive speakers, but an inclusive gathering of Real People and Ordinary Heroes, who stand for righteousness and doing right. I have observed that People can speak from their heart at REX and have the right of Free-Speech, without any censorship. REX has a grand vision and is become much bigger and better, than what I had intended TED to be original. REX is the most unique knowledge forum globally, where one can go on a true journey from NOT KNOWING to WISDOM and AWARENESS. It is meaningful, mindful, engaging, energizing, entertaining and most of all it is a great learning experience, with people from all walks of life sharing ideas for action. The original TED conference wasn’t rehearsed, planned, edited, or scripted; there were no long introductions or a dress code. What you saw on the videotape is exactly how it happened to live, and the conference was magical. REX is everything I wanted TED to be and the founders of REX have truly created what my original idea of TED was. At TED When a speech was boring, or it went too long, I would get up and very quietly walk over and stand behind the person. At REX the founder Jerry Almeida does something even better. True to his nature, he literally blows the whistle and this adds to the fun and charm of the overall learning experience.

~ Richard Saul Wurman - Original Founder of TED before he sold it in 2002. He is a REX enthusiast and mentor and has been supporting us to stay on the path for creating engaging, energizing conversations and learning at REX.

"The Courage of Conviction and Integrity to be the change. I change to change my country and people. I change to change the world!"

~ Mahatma Gandhi

change to change our world.

"Life is not just about creating and amassing wealth and materialistic gains for one’s own near and dear ones. Life is about creating a legacy of a better world for our future generations, because our own children also belong to the future generations. A better world benefits all and each of us can do something to create a better world. And if each and all of us 7 billion people does our little bit then the world will change for the better. The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra is not just an award and recognition, but the EMPOWERMENT OF TRUST and adding more strength to the shoulders of all our Fellows and Karmaveer award recipients, to bear more responsibility towards being more, creating more, doing more, growing more, accomplishing more and changing more, to make a positive difference in our world. I change to change our world

~ Jeroninio Almeida

We all want to be remembered for something, to be known as more than merely ordinary, to be seen as someone who truly made a difference. We all want to leave an imprint on this world and leave behind something that can make this world a little better and brighter.
From the very day we are born and from childhood, we are told that we are special and that we are destined for something wonderful. We learn to believe that if we choose to, we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. And because it is our world, that we are capable of taking it by its horns and that what we choose to do to make a difference and be the change is up to us.
But what happens when you are presented with an opportunity that would change your life irreversibly and help you leave behind a dignified legacy that you would be proud of? Would you take that opportunity or would you hesitate?


Rex Karmaveer
Global Fellowship

REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Awards experience is the first and most credible, candid, collaborative, creative, comprehensive and censor-free knowledge event.


What people say

I got a better perspective of how India and Indians work at the board meeting of PHFI where Jerry presented his paper.

- Dr Amartya Sen


When Jerry took the stage and began talking about the cause, I could not stop myself from writing a cheque.

- Dr Yusuf Khwaja Hamied


I found the all the talks and presentations interesting, insightful and well thought out. This is a once in a lifetime experience

- Katharin Vasiliev (Russia)

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REX CONCLiVE 2013-14, Shamala Nath

Mark Parkinson speaks on Good Parenting & Family Values

Our Purpose at REX Ideas

Kaizaad Kotwal speaks on violence and crime against women

Ethos and Genesis of REX

Meet our fellows


2014 (From 1st Cadre Of Fellows)

Mr. Kaizaad Kotwal

KAIZAAD KOTWAL is an artist, educator and social justice activist, having spent 22 years in the U.S. before returning to India in 2009. Along with his mother Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, he set up ‘The Make-A-Difference Foundation’ which uses media to create awareness and raise funds towards ending violence against women and girls.

Ms. Nisha Subramanian Kunju

Ms. Nisha Subramanian Kunju Nisha-Kunju An animal and environment activist from Mumbai working for the cause of animal welfare and environment protection since her childhood, Nisha was awarded REX fellowship in 2012. She started as a student member of Smt. Maneka Gandhi’s NGO ‘People for Animals”.

2015 (From 2nd Cadre Of Fellows)

Mr. R Madhavan

Hailing from a modest background he later graduated from IIT, Madras. Worked for ONGC to earn and set up my own farm for demonstrating the productive agriculture.

Ms. Sashi Priyadarshni

Sashi-Priyadarshni The altruistic contribution & continued selfless service in the last 8 years to reach out to our community in creating awareness on today’s most imperative cause across our globe – “Organ Donation”.

2016 (From 3rd Cadre Of Fellows)

Ms Preeti Monga

Preeti Monga, herself blind since childhood, (Founder & CEO of Silver Linings Trust and Silver Linings Services), has been singlehandedly working towards improving lives; directly/indirectly impacting millions through her unremitting and arduous efforts for the last 3 decades.

Mr Girish Gogia

Girish is a Quadriplegic and completely paralyzed neck downwards, for the past 15 years, due to a cervical spinal cord injury. Despite such adversities, he is a Living Example of Ultimate Human Potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for a forum like REX?

REX forum is established to recognize and give an opportunity to real life heroes, who have worked silently over the years for the betterment of the society, without any ulterior motive. In a world of paid and fake news, we feel it is imperative to have a platform which encourages people to share their real life stories and inspire others to bring out their hero from within, along the way. We believe free thought and discourse is necessary to bring about change.

Does REX also promote Western Philosophy and Practices?

Yes we do. We believe in adopting the best practices from the west like the spirit of volunteering, dignity of labor, respect for ideas, knowledge sharing etc. Our mantra is Eastern Mysticism, Spirituality and Philosophical Wisdom ethically blends with Western Pragmatism, Modernity and Innovative Knowledge

Can anyone attend REX CONCLIVE by buying an invitation pass?

Participation in REX CONCLiVE is by Invitation only, to ensure that we bring in people who adhere to guiding principles of humanity and the basic values adopted by Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow.

How does REX get Funding for its events?

We are blessed and very fortunate as several of our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows and Karmaveer award recipients have reached out and contributed funds ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to 1 crore to help us sustain our mission. Few years ago, the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows also decided to sponsor future fellows and thus, was born the unique idea of REX GIFFFT – (The Rex Gift It Forward Future Fellowships Tree). Through REX GIFFFT several Fellows are sponsoring future fellows by contributing minimum amounts of Rs. 10,000/. Some of our fellows have also contributed sums ranging from Rs. 25,000 to 10 lakhs. All these funds are now being invested in the REX GIFFFT endowment corpus.