Important: The thoughts we write here have come from our discussions with several fellows and our fellowship conveners. The Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships program is absolutely driven by former fellows. The ethos and code of the Fellowship has been written by them and this booklet was also created by the fellows. Please do download and read this inspirational piece of work by our honourable fellows. It has created delightful reading and insights for hundreds of thousand people.
I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make you think
~ Socrates
Namaste !! In Eastern wisdom, Namaste simply means ‘the God in me salutes the God in you; the divinity in you respects the divinity in me’. Namaste teaches us humanity, mutual respect, integrity and fairness. A very warm Namaste to all our REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS from all of us at iCONGO, Karmaveer, REX and all our partners.
For the past few years since the time we had the 2nd Karmaveer Puraskaar (global awards for social justice and citizen action) ceremony and RIGHT every WRONG Conclave in 2007, we have been thinking about creating an inclusive fellowship program where we bring together people between the age groups of 7 to 70+ years from around the world and from all walks of life and society. Our Fellows are people like you who have the integrity, sincerity of intent, capability, passion, honesty of purpose, courage of conviction and compassion to embark on the path of making a difference in our world and. Our fellows are people who have the passion, attitude and commitment to pursue their dream, fulfil their passion in their vocations and thus create a mindset change in society.
Sometimes a small thing that you do can mean everything in another person’s life. Please do not just give money as it does not make any change; but get involved. Give your time and effort. Check the impact your ‘GIVING’ is making and ask for accountability as that would ensure more impact than just giving a little money, which is squandered mindlessly by aid agencies. Remember it is not mindless, arrogant charity but humble, involved social justice that is wanting in our world.
~ Jeroninio Almeida
The idea of the fellowship became crystal clear action in 2012, when we nominated Kaizaad Kotwal, the Emmy Award winning actor, playwright and philanthropist for the Karmaveer Puraskaar. Kaizaad has done remarkable work to make a difference in our society and world. Kaizaad sparked the idea for the inclusive REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIPS (RKGF) with his humility when he said, “Jerry, I have done some work, but need to do much more to deserve the Karmaveer Puraskaar.
So let me do something more path breaking and then accept the award next year.” Like Kaizaad there are several others too who felt they needed to do much more to deserve the coveted and most credible Karmaveer Puraskaar awards. Thus we created the Rex Karmaveer Global fellowship where we could nominate several noble laureates and also potential champions of change from all sectors and make them an integral part of the Karmaveer community.

Let us become and lead the change

Be the change you want to see in our world
~ Gandhi
We the people, at the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships, inherently believe that everyone has the greatness within themselves to be a hero, a leader, a teacher and a champion for change. Creating a better, egalitarian, responsible and humane society is an achievable vision through collective energy and simple ideas for action when we can all come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG and experience the joy of giving. Through the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships we celebrate the power of ONE and believe that each ONE of you has the power to make a big difference with your simple ideas for action.
So if you have been nominated and chosen, it means that our fellows and council of fellows have seen SOLID POTENTIAL in you as our CHAMPION OF CHANGE and to be a part of our fellowship. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to RKGF.
A constant effort being made from our side is to keep the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards and Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships very inclusive and credible. Hence unlike other awards and fellowships where nepotism or lobbying may play a big role, we at REX and Karmaveer do NOT entertain such unethical behaviour or favouritism. Our fellowships and awards can only be earned by everyone and anyone who has decided to follow their heart and make a difference in their own small and simple way. So anyone from any sector or strata of society can be nominated by our former fellows or council of fellows and one may also apply (yes we do consider some self applications also). Who knows you may be the next chosen one and a world of opportunities for personal and professional advantage, networking and learning shall open up for you, after you are chosen as our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing
~ Edmund Burke

Sources of funding

We at REX and Karmaveer are very proud that over the years, we have resisted and overcome all temptations and offers of funding, from sources that we do not wish to align with. We have refused and will always continuously refuse any and all kinds of blood money or unethical funds from corporate or any other foundations that indulge in corrupt practices, have marginalised communities, harmed environment and /or violated basic ethics, human values and guiding principles of humanity. And that is what makes us stand apart from several other forums and awards, promoted by media houses or brands which have emulated our REX CONCLiVE and Karmaveer award. While they can plagiarise our models and ideas, they do not have the courage to emulate our culture of being and doing RIGHT.

Collective Good for Common Cause and RIGHTING of WRONGs

Over the past 10+ years, several Karmaveer award recipients, after we first chose them and brought them together, have collaborated and worked
together for the greater common good. For their noble work and continuous efforts, our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows have also got chosen other coveted international awards/ fellowships and became ambassadors/board members/advisors of the Planning Commission, National Advisory Committee, UN, WHO, WEF and various government initiatives across the globe promoted by international NGOs. We sincerely hope that like our chosen Karmaveer award recipients, all our future Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows also gain several other recognitions and awards not only within the REX and Karmaveer ecosystem, but also in other forums so that they can spread their movements and make their
mark and influence felt across the world.
Thus it is time for each of us to exercise our POWER OF ONE by righting wrongs, in our own space and time, so that “Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG.”
Warm regards, love, peace and Jai Hind from
~ Cdr. Saurav Purkayastha
Retired Indian Navy Officer (Veteran), Learner, Missionary Entrepreneur, Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships Convener.
~ Jeroninio Almeida
Just Another Volunteer- iCONGO, Rex Curator, Missionary Entrepreneur, Activist, Leadership Coach & Bestselling Author

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