I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think
~ Socrates
One’s own self is well-hidden from one’s own self. Of all the mines of treasure, it is the last to be mined
~ Nietzche
The moJOsh Inspirator workshop is conducted by REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship founder and leadership subject matter expert and life coach Jeroninio Almeida.
Jerry’s mission in life is to enable each and all of us, whose life he touches through his learning programs, coaching session, inspirational talks, books, and writings, to discover THE HERO IN ME to UNDERSTAND and UNLEASH our UNLIMITED HEROIC POTENTIAL.

Jerry is an internationally certified LEARNING EXPERT and much sought Leadership Coach, Management Consultant, Motivational / Inspirational Orator and Master Storyteller.
As a Leadership Subject Matter Expert and Master Mentor, Jerry has Mentored the Master Trainers in Learning and Development Departments of several Fortune 500 companies.

The moJOsh Inspirator learning is based on 15 years of research and 3 years of writing to create the most unique leadership and life lessons which have benefited over 5 million people in LiVE talks and workshops and millions more through published articles in newspapers, magazines, university journals and anthological books . The book is now being published and promoted globally. To know about the research conducted in real-time with over a million people through the moJOsh Inspirator Heroic Potential learning,
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HOW JERRY WORKS through the ingenious moJOsh Inspirator Leadership Learning Framework?

mojosh Inspirator is a personal development book and leadership and life lessons program that inspires solid character to unleash heroic potential through infinite EVOLVING MINDFUL CONSCIOUSNESS (emcn)
The learning has benefited several people in organisations, schools, colleges, and homes around the world and is now being published as a book and being rolled out in schools. Read the piece in medium and check the illustrations give here to understand the concept of infinite EVOLVING MINDFUL CONSCIOUSNESS (emcn)
moJOsH Inspirator Leadership Learning Framework that consists of 3 essential mindsets, 7 virtues and 0+21 powers for success in any dimension.
The moJOsh Inspirator learning focuses on character and competencies rooted in character. The learning pedagogy and tools enable people to examine their thoughts on any particular day to gain insight for foresight through hindsight. Jerry has invested years of research in developing the moJOsh Inspirator learning and has tested it with several people of all age groups. The learning besides the MIND-GRIND, SKILL PILLS and COOL-TOOLS also has compelling stories and case studies of ordinary people who have achieved the extraordinary. Most have done it because of solid character and not just competence.
The learning covers analytical skills, critical thinking, questioning through design thinking and triple loop learning and is rooted in eastern and western wisdom of shunya to anantha or from zero to infinity. The learning focuses on the development of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Moral Intelligences which are most ESSENTIAL and encompass the concept of multiple intelligences.
The learning is researched and derived from ancient human sciences to modern research of epigenetics, ancient religious, spiritual, success, philosophy, psychology, positive practical psychology, neuroscience. Jerry has read and researched all human potential dimensions from old books to ancient research scripts.
Jerry who is a learning and human science enthusiast has read research material on ancient and modern human sciences from Enneagram to Epigenetics and several published books and unpublished manuscripts on self-learning, psychology, practical positive psychology, philosophy, anthropology, spiritualism, religion, mindfulness, leadership, neuroscience, management, business sciences, success, prosperity literature and several genres of success and self-help books. He has also studied several autobiographies and ancient literature like Thirukurral, Vachanas, iChing, Ikigai, Uncommon Therapies etc.
moJOsh Inspirator leadership and life lessons is Years of work packaged in a book and learning program, that begins with the awareness of one’s mortality to understand THE POWER OF VULNEARBILITY and how that helps you to unpack your potential. It’s been a great learning experience which Jerry has tried and experimented with in real time and brought alive with true stories of real people who have moved mountains. The learning comes to life by helping people understand their potential with simplified learning that is practical and not esoteric gyaan without dhyaan.
moJOsh Inspirator Learning helps you to first SEE THE BIG PICTURE and then fit in the jigsaw pieces to complete the big picture of your life.

The Leadership Pedagogy employed and executed by Jerry is based on 3 principles

MIND-GRIND : Stories, Insights, Ideas, Questions, Case Studies to churn and create insights amongst the participants to SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE and develop the Right MINDSET from the moJOsh Inspirator Leadership, Life and Essential Learning Framework. Mindset is how you see, perceive and view the world around you – your beliefs and way of thinking that determine your behaviour and outlook, how you’ll interpret and respond to situations. To cite from The Talmud “We do not see the world the way it is, we see the world the way we are”
SKILL-PILLS : To understand how our daily habits and behaviours are based on beliefs from nurture and nature and how we can develop the Right Skillsets from the moJOsh Inspirator Leadership, Life and Essential Learning Framework. Skillsets are how you act and behave based on your beliefs, values, emotional, mental, spiritual and moral intelligences, capabilities, knowledge and understanding as well as your mindset (attitude) to put your abilities to use.
COOL-TOOLS : These are ingeniously developed TOOLSET-KITS from the moJOsh Inspirator Leadership, Life and Essential Learning Framework. The Toolset-Kits are mechanisms and methods you use to develop your skills and achieve your objectives – these can be any number of methods, techniques, models, approaches and frameworks that create value in any chosen field.
Jerry envisages a world in which people have the courage of conviction and creative-confidence to find their place in a team, achieving something together that’s bigger than they are. In moJOsh Learning Framework we employ principles of Design Thinking which enables DEEPER REFLECTIVE THINKING to enable BRIGHTER BETTER LEARNING which is INTERNALISED and not superficial or shallow.

Transformational Thought- Leadership, Transformational Learning and Transformational working!

moJOsh Design Thinking is a process. A transformational creative process like The Law of the Harvest. But it’s also a code, a belief and a philosophy. It works in every environment, from the classroom with 7-year-old students to the boardroom with 70-year-old leaders, helping you REALIZE THINGS you hadn’t RECOGNISED before and DISCERN things you didn’t know you needed to DISCOVER! In a nutshell it enables you to UNLEASH YOUR LATENT POTENTIAL and Undiscovered Powers.
Testing the assumptions of your team, class or community; getting to the core of a problem; unraveling the complexity of a challenge you face or opening the door to an amazing opportunity takes practice and experience. Every day, every week, every year, Jerry works with clients around the world, helping them to embed moJOsh Design Thinking into their culture and enabling them to work more effectively, more efficiently and more creatively.

How does it work?

moJOsh Design Thinking focuses on five phases of discovery and resolution. When we start working with you, our first step is to work out what phase you’re in and take it from there…
So he helps people to think differently and change the way they choose to work as individuals, as part of a team and as part of an organisation. That’s his learning objective and he fulfils it in three ways:
  • through expert, in-depth face-to-face and online coaching using our moJOsh DESIGN THINKING process.
  • By delivering motivational KEYNOTE SPEECHES AND HANDS-ON MASTERCLASSES around the world; and
    by hosting our own moJOsh EVENTS throughout the year.
  • In everything we do, we combine ancient and latest research with innovative creative strategies to solve problems, meet challenges and open doors for our clients and partners, leaving them better engaged, more creative and infinitely more productive.

IdeationHow do we get the ideas rolling in?

We’ve developed a wide range of fast-paced activities to help you to come up with hundreds of ideas in a short space of time – wild ideas, crazy ideas, ingenious ideas, brilliant ideas. We’ll help you open the minds of your team, your colleagues or your students so that they feel free to be creative in an environment where there is no judgement or wrong answers. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Immersion – We don’t have a strategy!
Why do we keep losing good staff?
Something’s not working…
We feel we should be doing something differently… but what?

Immersion is about establishing the current state of affairs in your school, workplace, business or community in relation to the challenge you’re facing or the problem you need to solve – even when you’re not sure what that problem is. We’ll work with you to gather stories, data, evidence and examples from all the people involved (this can be anything from a small team to a wide community) and then help you to collate that information.

Prototyping – How do we know what’s going to work in the real world?

Of course, when you’re faced with a wealth of ideas, you’re also faced with the challenge of working out which ones have potential. During the prototyping phase, we’ll put you through a series of exercises and activities to help you extract the ideas with the greatest potential and then work out how to test them in a safe prototyping situation to see which have wings and which are dead in the water.

Feedback- Have we done what we set out to do?

Finally, we’ll show you some ingenious ways to get rich and usable feedback from your wider community, service users or customers. Feedback that actually adds value to your organisation, now and as you move forward, not just a box ticking exercise.

Fusion – What do we do with all this information?

Whether you’ve been through an Immersion phase with us or you’ve done it yourself and are faced with more data than you can make sense of, we’ll guide you through a range of activities to help you fuse and synthesise your findings to identify the root of the challenge you face, make sense of your situation and establish the ideas that are worth exploring to meet your challenge, solve your problem or address your newly identified need.
Jerry helps team in several organisations to create work that works: visions that inspire, strategies that engage.

Jerry knows that developing fresh ideas is the lifeblood of any organisation and creates the space for people to thrive and grow. His aim is always to:

  • guide you from passive thinking to dynamic activity.
  • equip you to work problems out for yourself and become more self-sufficient.
  • create a climate and culture of failure in which it’s safe to be experimental and creative.
  • explore how you can create powerful, empowering and evolving strategies.
  • plan and Prepare for Execution of the strategy.
Ultimately, he can only measure his success on the results he delivers for his clients and has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 on a scale of 1-5… (1. Poor, 2. Fair, 3. Good, 4. Very Good and 5. Excellent) and an overall NPS of 90 + (Net Promotor Score)
But We want you be the best judge of that…after you engage with Jerry

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