Dear Rex Karmaveer Fellowship Curators
Namaste! We are delighted to have you as an integral part of our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and family.
REX is a non-profit mission under auspices of iCONGO. The REX movement started 12 years ago by getting people involved with social issues on one platform. It is based on eastern ethos for the betterment of the society and humanity.
Our Mission is to encourage social justice through citizen action and knowledge sharing of traditional wisdom, in a learning partnership with all people who are and aspire to be a Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow. The Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship (RKGF) brings together several people from all walks of life, across age groups who are following their passion by walking the path less trodden and inspiring a mindset change in society.
We are currently researching for people whom we may nominate for the prestigious REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship (2018-19) Honour and the Karmaveer Chakra award instituted with the UN. REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship is the only Fellowship in the world that is led by the fellows themselves, helping life-changing innovators, champions of change and people striving to fulfill their passions and dreams, to network and collaborate with like-minded, ethical and socially conscious global citizens.
Therefore, as fellows, it is our responsibility to keep this family growing. We can do so by identifying ordinary heroes who have initiated a change, and nominate them for the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Award.

Curators must also read our JUST ANOTHER VOLUNTEEER CODE

Who can you nominate for the RKGF:

People who display the following :-
  • Serious intent towards the cause and should have taken some steps towards it.
  • Courage of conviction and pro-activeness.
  • Courage to stand up against social evils.

How to search for potential fellows:

It is our responsibility and duty as fellows to carefully choose who we nominate for the fellowship. To find potential RKG Fellows, one has to diligently do a research about the potential Fellow.
You can source RKG Fellows from the following sources (This is only an indicative list):
  • Personal/Networking Contacts
  • Reference Contacts
  • Magazines
  • LinkedIn Contacts
  • Facebook Contacts/ links/groups
  • Newspaper
  • E- Magazines
  • NGO programs
  • TV Shows
  • Seminars / Knowledge forums

Nomination Process:

  • Send out the introduction mail to the nominee identified, on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Email, SMS or any another source of contact.
  • Within one week of sending the introduction mail, speak to the nominee about the Fellowship and explain why we want him/her as a fellow.
  • We ask them if they would like to accept the nomination. If they refuse, the case is closed and if they accept, send him/her the nomination mail.
  • Wait for the nominee to fill up the REX Fellowship form (available on the website) within 3 weeks of sending nomination mail.
  • After receiving the completed form, send the nominee a confirmation mail within 7 days. Send the nominee the venue details.
  • Forward the GIFFFT appeal. Once the payment is made, cross check and send a payment confirmation mail to the nominee.

Reporting Process:

  • Since we are looking at large number of fellows and there will be a large group of people involved in this process it is imperative that we follow a set reporting procedure.
  • It will be expected that each member discovers and onboards at least 35 prospects every week.
  • The details of Fellows on-boarded the previous week will be shared on Google doc on each Monday. This will be checked for any duplication or for any corrections required.
  • There will be a skype call on all Tuesdays at a pre-determined time (say 8pm). This is just to coordinate if any interventions are required by the team.
  • Should there be any other issues which are required to be addressed urgently, it can be done any time during any other day.
  • Each curator should close at least 20 confirmed paid fellows each month.
Thank You
Jeroninio Almeida

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