It is recommended that you before filling up the form online, you download the Form PDF and print it and write on it. Because it is proven that when we write , we reflect and introspect better and more mindfully and this leads to better self-awareness, self-discovery and self-development. You need to ideate – create, architect and nurture your own life and path and when you put pen to paper, your thoughts flow better and you reflect better to unleash your unlimited heroic potential.

Why WRITING by hand is most essential and important?

Writing by hand, strengthens the learning by thinking and reflection process. When typing on a keyboard this process may be impaired. When we are writing by hand, our brain received feedback from our motor actions. This feedback enhances our thinking process and makes our thoughts better. This happens the moment our pen touches the paper and great ideas, insights and thoughts start flowing. Global Research studies have proven this and show that there is real value in learning and maintaining this ancient skill as a life skill and soft skill. Writing longhand is also a work-out. Not a workout for the hand or wrist , but for the brain. According to research and this was also published in the Wall Street Journal, this simple ancient skill is the most compelling way to use our Pre-Frontal Cortex (our logical , rational part of the brain which most of us use very rarely) and best way to continuously progress our motor skills, enhance our memory, improve our mindfulness, advances our ability to think better. This is a simple lesson to use this form with pen and paper before you fiill it online. This will inspire solid character that is within you and help to unleash your unlimited, heroic potential.

The Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Form has been designed by the REX Karmaveer Founder Jeroninio Almeida, who is a Leadership Coach and Mentor to Learning Masters and specializes in Coaching Leadership Trainers and Teachers around the world. Jerry designed the form in consultation with and learnings from several Leadership Masters like Heidi Grant, Carol Dweck , Margaret Mead, John Grinder, Richard McHugh, Ken Blanchard, John Whitmore, Noam Chomsky, Phil Zimbardo and Stephen Covey. The life changing questions that are posed in the form have impacted millions of people around the world to unleash their potential and find their true calling in life. Jerry charges a huge fee as a Life/ Executive/ Performance and Leadership Coach and over here The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship form is your FIRST BIG GIFT in the journey of self-learning, self-discovery and self-awareness. Jerry always says that we as Human Beings must realise that we cannot change anything or anyone in the world. We simply cannot. But we can change everything in the world by using our POWER and POTEANTIAL to change the ONE BIG THING that we are empowered to change. THAT ONE BIG THING WE CAN CHANGE IS i. We can change ourselves. THAT IS OUR POWER. And when we change, everything changes. Hence, our simple mantra is I CHANGE TO CHANGE THE WORLD. I CHANGE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. I CHANGE TO CHANGE EVERYONE. Be the ROLE MODEL because that is why you are chosen as our REX Karmaveer Global Fellow.

The form has been designed to generate insight and provoke thought, for you as our fellow about your life and your journey and to help you discover more, do more and grow more in all dimensions of your life. The form itself has impacted many fellows and award recipients as people have discovered and unleashed more of their potential and passion as they have pondered over the form. Set one hour aside and do some deep introspection and reflection and we promise you THIS ONE HOUR will change all the hours of your LIFE. So let the journey of SELF-DISCOVERY begin.

While answering the form you may keep these 3 questions in mind.

What should I continue doing? (As our nominated fellow you are doing several things that are working well and you should continue doing that. Think Continuous Improvement)

What should I stop doing? (You may be having some challenges or behaviours that stifle your potential. Ponder about that!)

What should I start doing? (There may be some concerns or beliefs that are restricting more growth and not enabling you to change your game. Introspect your future!)

We assure you as you fill this form, many things in life will become CLEARER and you will have more clarity in all dimensions of life. Filling this form will lead to more self-discovery, self-awareness and self-development and will enhance and energise the happy chemicals in your brain that are needed to achieve with excellence. You may use this form at regular intervals to unleash the best in you continually.


“When I first saw the form, I was over 60 years old and retired. Jerry nudged me to read the form and reflect when I was chosen for the Karmaveer Puraskaar award. The form gave me a clear vision for my retired life. Every 3 to 4 months I revisit this form and get more clarity for the rest of my life. With the help of the questions in the form, I choose to make some difficult decisions that I had conveniently ignored. Questions in the form helped me make my decisions without any fear to be a part of the National Advisory Council of the Planning Commission and then serve in the Rajya Sabha to serve the nation. “

Anu Aga

Captain of Industry and Chairperson of Thermax India Limited

Dear Col. Dutta,
Note: Colonel. Sanjeev Dutta (veteran) is the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship Founding Curator.
I would like to first of express my gratitude for nominating me for the coveted Karmaveer Chakra (instituted with UN) and the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship (RKGF) 2015 -16, this indeed is a very proud moment for me and I’m feeling very privileged. I have made a sincere effort to answer the questions in the questionnaire and the journey has had an immense impact on me. The questions are beautifully designed to reflect on one’s beliefs, value system, journey from where i began, where i am today and where i see myself in the future – it’s a complete self-realization experience and I felt as if i were writing an autobiography (which i might now consider writing). I’m indebted for life for providing me such an insightful experience. I must now confess that of all the questions I’ve been able to find time to authentically answer only the 1st 15 questions and i feel due to the pressure of my newly initiated assignments I will not be able to do justice to answering more question in the given time. I’m sharing with you my thought process so far and would request you to please allow me to take time to answer such life impacting questions. I completely understand that this might disqualify me from the honour bestowed upon me but I would still want to answer these questions meaningfully rather than frivolously as this form is a big award by itself.
I hope you understand my thoughts and that I hold the nomination in high regard and feel very blessed to be considered for such a great honour.
Warm Regards

Dr. Meenakshi Uberoi

Education Evangelist & Founding Director De Pedagogics – nurturing education

My daughter Bani and I have been fortunate to attend Jerry’s leadership sessions. I attended the one he conducted at the Microsoft office and my daughter attended his session in school. Jerry has helped us both to see things in a different light with his simple insights and pedagogy. I have become more affirmative and encouraging with people and cognizant on my work- life- play balance. Bani has lost her inhibitions and shyness and become more confident and outspoken. When Jerry nominated Bani for the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and shared the form with us, the questions not only helped Bani to gain a clear path in her life but also helped me to understand what I need to focus on and what I need to let go. The questions in the form are very powerful

Karan Bajwa

MD – IBM India and Former Country Head of Microsoft India

“When I was nominated for the Karmaveer award, I was overwhelmed. I had heard of the award from my associates in India and suddenly it was a dream come true. Besides the award, the bigger gift was the gift of learning and self-discovery offered through the REX Karmaveer form. “

Michael Norton OBE

(Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.). Founder of CIVA Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“This form gave me huge clarity and empowered me to decide to move on from the banking sector and focus on becoming an environment entrepreneur. Grateful for the Karmaveer award and the form which made me aware of my latent potential and I am now serving as the President of Worldwide Fund (WWF) Global International Boar and Special Adviser and Head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative.”

Pavan Sukhdev

Director- Deutsche Bank, Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Economist.

“Jerry you know I am a big fan of yours and every time I hear you speak, I am inspired to commit more time for social justice. I am also thankful to you for having shown us the way to straddle social work while we continue with our Business as usual as Corporate Executives. The Karmaveer award and the form has inspired me to now move into public service as an active politician. The mind-altering decision was final after I did some serious reflection, while answering the questions in the form.”

Meera Sanyal

Former CEO Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN Amro, member of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) National Committee on Economic Policy

“Jerry, I have a humble request regarding my nomination. I read through the website and trivia booklet to learn more about the criteria for the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards. I agree with Dr. Verghese Kurien that the Karmaveer award is the most credible honour, because of your guiding principles of egalitarianism, simplicity, austerity, fairness and integrity. I have huge respect for Dr. Verghese Kurien, who was a dear friend and your first lifetime achievement award recipient. Therefore, I feel, that I need to do more in my personal capacity, to deserve the lifetime achievement award which all of you have nominated me for.
I would therefore request you to kindly accept my regrets, since I would not like to accept the lifetime achievement award at this time. Let me do more to serve the nation and society. Let me begin add value as your chief believer and ambassador to promote the International Volunteering Olympiad. Once I have done that, I shall consider myself to be more worthy and deserving for the lifetime achievement award. Till then you may nominate me for the forthcoming year as your Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow. I would love to be a part of the fellowship and attend the Rex Forum as your chosen fellow. I assure you, that I shall adhere to the No VIP culture and shall blend in as one of your many fellows. I shall participate as a silent spectator, to learn and collaborate with all other like-minded fellows in the gathering. I also agree to attend the Rex Forum, without any security entourage. The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship form has given me great insights and I want to devote the rest of my life to inspire the students and youth of this country to volunteer and make a difference. ”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President of India

“The Karmaveer award is an honour that one needs to live up to. The form helps us to understand our potential and unleash the same with passion and conviction. The form has given me great insights for my life in public service.”

Gul Panag

Actor , Politician, Adventurer

“The Karmaveer award ceremony is a humbling experience. While filling the form I was humbled and realised that I need to do more and what I have done is not enough for the self and society.”

Kumi Naidoo

Global Crusader, Human Rights activist, Former Global Head GreenPeace

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Karmaveer nomination. While filling the form I realised that the high profile delegations I lead to India and other developing countries, can contribute more than money with their time and involvement. I have been inspiring them all since then and am grateful to Jerry for coaching me and advising us to add more value through our several delegations.”

Lindsay Levin

Founder and Managing Director of Leadersquest and bestselling Author

“The Karmaveer award given to me for my work with children is my most treasured trophy and citation. My mind was filled with ideas and thoughts as I filled up the form to use my lawyer education better to make healthcare accessible for all. The insights I got made me take a leap of faith to begin my own foundation and open more health clinics for children around India.”

Mary Pawlenty

Attorney, Former First Lady of Minnesota and wife of Presidential Hopeful and Governor Tim Pawlenty

“The Karmaveer Puraskaar inspired me to keep going on and helping people. Filling the form is an inspiring experience and ignites the fires within to discover more about how we can champion change within ourselves and in our world.”

Arzell Paparzell

US Based Jazz Musician and Human Rights Crusader

“Jerry, the form is unique and creatively crafted to inspire insights about one’s life and the road ahead. It gave me many insights about things that I had ignored along the way. The form truly helped me to envision and realise the many things I wanted to do but have overlooked along the way, about things I have been doing and can do better and about various things that can still be done in the remainder of my lifetime.”

Dr. David Dror

Former UN Director and International Diplomat, Founder of Micro Insurance Academy

“Jerry Uncle, thank you for the opportunity to speak at REX CONCLiVE. It boosted my confidence and inspired me to become a good orator who speaks for child rights. While filling the form I also realised that I must not ignore my studies and learning at school and balance my school work and speaking work to gain all round development. Thank you once again for the lessons in public speaking and for teaching me to build my capabilities as a speaker. I feel immense gratitude for all your efforts and support, everytime I speak in conferences and receive a standing ovation.”

Ishita Katyal

(7 year old girl who first spoke at REX as our Young REX Karmaveer Fellow and now speaks around the globe in international conferences)

“Jerry and Col. Dutta, I found a lot of value in the fellowship form to unravel the thoughts in the innermost wilderness of my mind that I had neglected along the way in the whirlwind of day to day functioning. Many more mountains to climb literally and metaphorically speaking. Thank you for telling my story in your Karma Kurry book. We have received awe-inspiring response from many readers from around the world, who have reached out to support our Giraffe Heroes initiative. I am now inspired to take the Giraffe Heroes movement beyond the US and into several countries and would like to use the form for the Giraffe Heroes project also. Hope I get your consent for the same.”

John Graham

Former US Diplomat and Ambassador for US Mission to NATO, UN and many countries including Libya, Founder of Giraffe Heroes Project, Author, Adventurer

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We recommend you look at the application form first, and then spend time offline composing your answers in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. Please remember to keep an offline copy. We cannot be responsible for text that gets lost.
Before you apply, please read our RKGF terms and conditions and the About RKGF & FAQs to answer any questions you may have

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