Kind Attention
  • Dates for REX Conclive 2015-16: 25/Nov/2016-27/Nov/2016
  • For details contact Akriti Anshu at or Jeroninio Almeida at
  • Contribute to GIFFFT
  • Venue for 2015-16: DPS, Sector 45 Gurgaon
  • Leadership program will be conducted on 28/Nov/2016
  • Leadership program will be conducted by: Jeroninio, Akriti & Col. Dutta


The USP's of our public speaking program -
1. Art and Science of Public speaking -
Our program will focus both on the Art and Science of Public Speaking.
Art because everyone brings their unique personality and style to what they speak and this can be corrected by working with effective tools and learning methods.
Science because there is a certain mind- frame, method and process that one needs to develop by learning the patterns used by outstanding PUBLIC SPEAKERS to create great speeches.
2. Focus on Content -
In addition to the basics, which can be learned at most public speaking programs, we focus a lot on content - how to prepare, appropriate information, how to respond to queries and keep the audience engaged with the value you have to offer.
3. Using simple steps of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Science - To help you gauge the audience and improve on your communication skills and make appropriate changes, if necessary
4. The Science of Kinesics (Body language) - You will receive insights on this.
5. Enneagram - This session also helps attendees understand their own personality and psyche through an enriching ENNEAGRAM experience which helps develop a convincing communique and convert it into a compelling speaking session.
6. A mix of practical and theory -
Our workshop will be an optimized mix of theory and practice.
7. Follow through and further teaching possibilities -
To keep any speakers axe sharpened, there need to be opportunities for practice.
We are creating structures to enable all our participants derive this value through speaking evenings leading to a debating club.
8. Masterclass - For those who wish to delve deeper into the art and science of public speaking, we are going to have master classes going forward. Additionally some useful things that the session will include are:
a) The importance of and how to create a richer set of metaphors for compelling storytelling!
b) Absorbing and retaining reading material rapidly
c) The 10 vital ingredients of a great story
d) The 9 different planes of communication
e) Why are we hardwired to be afraid of audiences & how to fix that problem?
f) Live Speeches where every delegate is given a completely new topic and half hour to prepare and present without using any prop! Learning in the REX Speaking Triangles.
Q) How does our class compare to one given by other Public Speaking classes who charge much lesser?
Ans- You are learning from a Master who with his range of experience, training and knowledge is able to give incisive and qualitative inputs to help you progress your skills.
Additionally Jerry is very forthright and you are certain to get appropriate and encouraging feedback to help you in the long run.
Q) How much can one learn in 2 days, because long term practice is more important.
Ans- The rigorous 2 days will have enough practice opportunities. However the quality of the content and process will give you a strong headstart in your journey of an effective communicator and speaker. It must be remembered that like any skill, regular practice is critical to your continuous growth and we have a solution to support you on it.
Q) What all is included in the program cost?
1. A personalized playbook/ sheets
2. F&B during the 2 days - Lunch and 2 tea breaks
3. Personalized and autographed copy of the bestselling- 'Karma Kurry' book.
4. Free membership to the speaking club being set up.
5. A CD of your presentation - before & after.
6. Rex Certificate
6. And a wealth of information.
Q) Venue Details
Ans- The Orient room at Asiad Village.
All our venues will be well air conditioned and learning oriented spaces. The quality of the venues will be decent enough to support the learning outcomes expected through the program.
Q) What will be the learning outcomes of the session - how much will I learn/ improve?
Ans- Learning is dependent both on the coaching and also the effort a student puts in.
We are confident that you will receive the best in class coaching and guidance and we are confident that you will also put in similar effort. The outcome is certain to be an individual who knows a lot more about public speaking and is confident about the fact that he/ she will hold their ground whenever the need arises in a gathering, in a properpublic speaking forum or while making a presentation.
In a nutshell, it will help you communicate better, anywhere, whether in a conversation or at a presentation or on a podium.