Most of the REX Karmaveer Global Fellows are researched and nominated by our Council of Fellows. REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships is the only fellowship owned and managed by erstwhile fellows who choose future fellows with extensive reference checking and consultation with experts across all fields. Selections are made by the group as a whole, not by individuals. Most of the nominated future fellows are also sponsored by former fellows through the unique REX GIFFFT program.

There is no algorithm for how we select our Fellows. We select Fellows based on their accomplishments or their potential to accomplish in their respective or other fields, the potential impact of their work and also, most importantly, their character. The ideal applicant is multidisciplinary in her or his pursuits.


Selection Criteria

What we look for in prospective REX Karmaveer Global Fellows is simple human potential, that each of us is blessed with as human beings, to be the change with any or all of the following:
  • Has or may have the seed of a simple, creative and yet significant idea for action and vision to make a difference in our world.
  • Someone who has taken some basic steps and relevant action to fulfill this vision. The founders of iCONGO shall choose you based on your integrity, intent, competency and desired results.
  • Demonstrated serious intent and/ or accomplishment at any age from 7 years upwards.
  • Has a compelling and inspiring story that motivates others to become the change.
  • Has a need for proactive support and mentoring from the REX community.
  • Has the intent to work hand-in-hand with other like-minded fellows to work towards a common goal.
  • Has the capacity and intent to actively support and enrich the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships
  • Has the ability to articulate and communicate succinctly and is a good listener to one’s own inner voice and to viewpoints of others.
  • Has a constant quest for learning more and believes in sharing learning.
  • Has the basic integrity and intent to learn more, be more, do more, share more, give more and push one’s limits, to lead self and others to be the change and make a difference.

  • Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow’s nominees must be of age, 7 years onwards, from any region across the globe.
  • Chosen Fellows must attend and be present for the entire duration of REX CONCLiVE and arrive in New Delhi one day earlier.
  • Chosen Fellows should be in New Delhi for all the 3 days of the REX CONCLiVE and Karmaveer award proceedings.
  • Nominees may be ‘champions of change’ specializing in any field as shown in the basic introduction to the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships. Everyone and Anyone from every field, is invited to apply. Please see our list of past fellows in this micro-site.
  • All candidates’ ideas for actions MUST speak louder than their words and their ideas must have a strong potential to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  • Humility, integrity, courage of conviction and resourcefulness are most important values. Mediocrity and self-serving agendas will not be accepted.
  • Nominees may also be previous REX speakers and Karmaveer Chakra awardees. Nominees may also hold other fellowships like Lead Fellows, Aspen Fellows, REX Fellows, etc.

Requirements to Apply

Lastly, if you have any questions or technical trouble, please contact the REX Fellows team immediately by emailing

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