REX Karmaveer History & F1RST of F!RST Impact! (Changing the world with simple ideas for action)

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If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.


~ Anita Roddick – Accidental Entrepreneur who started a business to stop unethical treatment of animals, Humanitarian and Responsible Citizen.
A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.
~ Jackie Robinson – Athlete and Responsible Citizen
Given below is the F1RST of F1RSTs impact and history of the REX Karmaveer movement and the work done by the REX Karmaveer Founders and Volunteers who pride themselves on being JUST ANOTHER VOLUNTEER.


From 1993 onwards the REX Karmaveer Mission Founder has been an advisor and event/ campaign organizer for several Non-Profit Organisations from around the globe.

He has planned and oragnised Music Events like Sound of the Sea (the firs Music Concert in India to be held with an historical monument “Gateway of India” as the backdrop, Music For Life with all Indian Classical Music Maestros, Pop Concert Tours, Art Auctions with Christies, Sotheby’s and Bowring, Movie Premieres and Contests and Global Online Auctions with eBay. All these events were organised as Fundraisers and Social Cause campaigns. Jerry also conceptualised and implemented THE MAGIC BOX idea on Jet Airways to raise funds for the Education of needy and deserving children. This initiative has today raised over 15 crores in the past 21 years.

More Details about all events and campaigns organised by Jerry are on



The JOY OF GIVING movement is announced and launched to raise funds for several causes.
Invisible Leaders of India launched with Prince Charles felicitating Real Heroes.
Dashrath Manjhi- The Mountain man’s story published on



The Founders of iCONGO conceive and implement THE JOY OF GIVING, Vision of India (to create a just, humane, egalitarian society with a dialogue between the haves and have-nots), Music & Art for Communal Harmony and Invisible Leaders of India (all registered trademarks and IPR safeguarded by iCONGO) as a part of the RIGHT every WRONG and REX Karmaveer movement.
This leads to the thought that we should create a dialogue though a network with people from all walks of life, on one big egalitarian platform. Thus the RIGHT every WRONG conclave (now called REX CONCLiVE) is conceived in 2004.

Impact & Outcome :



The yearlong planning and preparations to organize the first REX Karmaveer event begins.

Partnerships with several bodies like UN, CII, FICCI, RAI, NECCI, FISME, EU etc. are finalised.
iTEAM- Institutionalized Training Empowerment and Advancement of Marginalised is launched to create Industry based skill jobs for underserved youth.

Impact & Outcome :

iTEAM proved that jobs for the marginalised need to be well conceptualised and devised with advancement built in.
It is win-win as the underserved and unserved youth get jobs and industry gets a great LOYAL workforce, with highly reduced recruitment, training and attrition cost.
iTEAM concept developed with USAID and GOI, gets adopted by Industry and Government of India to create SKILL INDIA, with a new body formed to focus on skills namely, NSDC (National Skills Development Corp).

Early 2006

Planned Peaceful Protest with candle-lighting to demand justice for Jessica Lal is organised by REX Karmaveer Founders.

Outcome :

People Power in the world’s largest democracy was demonstrated when people came out on the streets and demanded for justice.
Manu Sharma, the man who killed Jessica Lal, who was acquitted by the judiciary, was retried and imprisoned after a PEACEFUL PUBLIC PROTEST.
This demonstrated and proved THE POWER OF ONE and the POWER OF A SIMPLE IDEA FOR ACTION
This also proved that Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG.
NDTV, as our partner joined the fight and we began a huge online candle lighting pledge movement.

Late 2006

The first REX Karmveer forum and Karmaveer Puraskaar awards to felicitate and recognise Citizen Heroes is now ready for launch. It is decided to create the most unique egalitarian and inclusive forum in the world, we will practice a strictly NO- VIP CULTURE.

At REX Karmaveer events, everyone be it a Minister, Priest, Teacher, Janitor, Municipal Sweeper, Slum Dweller, Sex-worker, Captain of Industry, Corporate Executives, UN leaders or anyone, will be treated with SAME AND EQUAL RESPECT.
It is also decided, that at REX Karmaveer a we shall always sustain a culture of simplicity, austerity and LEARNING through Wisdom-Transfer, Knowledge-Sharing and SECULAR CULTURETAINMENT.

Impact & Outcome:



REX Karmaveer mission starts the Ethical Leadership workshops in schools, colleges, B-schools to sensitise students about our constitutional rights and duties and own our Individual Social Responsibility.

As and integral part of Ethical Leadership Learning Workshops we encourage students and faculty to join us to clean the streets around India and cleanse India holistically.

We also begin pledges around India to adopt 26/11 as the Citizen Action Pledge Day.

Impact & Outcomes

  • Swachh Bharat Mission becomes a national movement in later years and 26/11 is now adopted by the Government as Constitution Day.
  • Terms like Individual Social Responsibility, People Private Public Partnerships, RIGHT every WRONG, JOY OF GIVING, which are conceptualised, propagated and promoted by REX Karmaveer founders are now being used in campaigns by Government and several Ministries.
  • REX Karmaveer inspires campaigns like Lead India, Social Impact awards and Teach India by Times of India, CNN Real Heroes etc.

November 2006

The first REX conclave & Karmaveer Puraskaar awards are planned for November 26 & 27, 2006 but due to unavailability of our VENUE OF CHOICE (where the freedom struggle began and continues) – Satyagraha Mandap at Gandhi Darshan – Rajghat, we cannot organize the event in November, 2006 (we are sticklers for principles. What to do? 😊 )

After getting everyone’s consensus & availability, we decide to host the first REX Karmaveer forum & awards in March, 2007.
Over the years, we are glad that the REX Karmaveer mission has been at the forefront of leading change in India and around the world.
REX Karmaveer was, is and will always be, the first small but very significant media & live knowledge forum on REAL socio-political-economic issues in India and our world and has now inspired various other forums, in the social space around the world.

March 2007

The 1st curtain raiser REX Karmaveer event is held at Satyagraha Mandap in Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat, New Delhi in partnership with Population First. Several socio-political issues are discussed. Issues ranging from child rights to human rights are brought to the fore. Issues of Farmers, Positive People and the Disabled etc. are discussed. Issues related to Right to Information, Media Irresponsibility, CSR, NGO mismanagement, Livelihood are discussed.



The 3rd REX Karmaveer Forum in 2008 led to a sustained campaign for electoral reforms, in association with NNFI- National Network for India and the UNODC.

This also set the pace for fighting corruption.
In 2008, REX Karmaveer community and iCONGO also collaborated with Onir Anirban (Filmmaker extraordinaire, REX Karmaveer Global Fellow and Karmaveer Puraskaar award recipient) to produce the first crowd-funded Bollywood Movie in India titled “I AM”, which tackled 4 big social issues legalisation of gay rights, child sex abuse, communalism and single parenting.

Impact & Outcomes

This led to the creation of the No Criminals & Engage Voters campaign during the assembly elections in 2009.


The 4th REX Karmaveer forum in 2009 was on the issue of citizens rising against corruption and organized by iCONGO and REX Karmaveer Volunteers and founders in partnership with UNODC, NNFI and the Professionals Party of India.

In March 2009, with industry associations, corporate leaders, we also organized the REX Humane Capitalism CONCLiVE, with business leaders from around the globe.


In 2010, the 5th REX Karmaveer Forum in partnership with the National Foundation for Communal Harmony & the Ministry of Home Affairs was on the theme of communal harmony.

In 2010, REX Karmaveer founders also collaborated with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) of the UN, to launch and promote the ONE BILLION HUNGRY petition to raise awareness in the world about people living in abject poverty and dying of hunger and raise over 10 million signatures in a years’ time.

Impact & Outcomes

  • This led to action against communalism and the creation of Volunteers for Peace & Communal Harmony, a national movement to bring together champions of communal harmony from various communities. This was powered by the Karmaveer Chakra in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs.


The 6th conclave in 2011 was on how citizen need to adopt fundamental duties and volunteer to become proactive citizens and organized in partnership with UNDP, the UN Volunteers and VSO International.

In 2011, we partnered with global advertising firm Publicis Asia and India Pictures to create the BLOW-UP campaign to raise awareness of Fundamental Duty # 9 Safeguard public property and to abjure violence.


2012- 13

The 7th REX CONCLiVE is organised on 26/27 and 28 November 2012 and opens with the new look and format of REX. REX CONCLiVE is a big hit and we launch the ONE BILLION RISING campaign to address crimes and wrongs against women at REX.


REX Karmaveer Community, now prepares for the new format of REX CONCLiVE and curates the first cadre of REX Karmaveer Global Fellows.
The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship is launched with stupendous success and some of the most outstanding CITIZENS OF THE WORLD as our F1RST cadre of FELLOWS.
ONE Billion Rising is launched globally.
Through 2011 to 12 we also promoted the Anti-Tobacco campaign to raise awareness about smoking and the hazards of smoking spaces.


On 23rd March we organised the new format of REX CONCLiVE and also celebrate Martyr’s day as a tribute to the 3 big heroes of India Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev. The 2nd cadre of REX Karmaveer Global Fellows is carefully curated and awarded.

Impact & Outcomes



We hold the event 9th REX CONCLiVE around the 27th day of February 2015, as a tribute to Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad another forgotten hero and freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for India alongwith Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev.

Impact & Outcomes

The 3rd cadre of REX Karmaveer Global Fellows is announced and awarded. The Tribe is growing and we are bringing together great champions of change from all over the world. The collective energy is overwhelming.
Ms. Sashi Priyadarshini (who had earlier inspired 60 people to donate their organs and th after her fellowship inspired over 12,000 people to donate organs) and Mr. R. Madhavan (who adopts, adapts and created simple technologies from expensive technologies to empower India Farmers for sustainable agricultural livelihood) are chosen for the Dr. Verghese Kurien One vision to make a difference in our world, Karmaveer Puraskaar award.


In 2016, we celebrate 10 years of the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships, Karmaveer awards and REX CONCLiVE and host the 10th REX CONCLiVE and REX Karmaveer awards at the DPS School in Sector 45, Gurgaon. With over 600 REX Karmaveer Global Fellows and 2700 delegates participating, the energy at the REXperience is simply awesome, vibrant, inspiring and full of moJOsh.


Ms. Preeti Monga and Mr. Girish Gogia who have been inspiring people all around the world to be the change are chosen for the Dr. Verghese Kurien One vision to change our world Karmaveer Puraskaar.

A commitment is made by all fellows to consolidate the REX Karmaveer movement and organise a bigger, better REX 2.0 version as the 11th REXperience at the REX CONCLivE and REX Karmaveer awards.


Through this time, we have been consolidating our efforts and preparing for the 11th REX CONCLiVE, REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships and Karmaveer awards.

Karma Kurry book 2 is launched and receives an overwhelming response. Both Karma Kurry books are huge bestsellers.
In 2016, REX Karmaveer Founder Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida is commissioned by the Prime Minister’s office to co-author a book with PM Narendra Modi. Titled Mann Ki Baat, Jerry COUNTERS and complements PM Modi’s thoughts and shares simple IDEAS FOR ACTION for citizen action and PEOPLE POWER. Over 7 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide. and the REX- IDEAS FOR ACTION have gone far and wide.


That in the picture is REX Karmaveer Co-Founder and Crusader Jugnu Almeida. She like most of us at REX Karmaveer Mission worked behind the scenes with, tomobilise people for the protest, demanding JUSTICE FOR RAPE SURVIVORS and HEROES through strict laws for punishing rapists. We at REX Karmaveer Mission have noticed
that when we work silently from behind , somehow the universe conspires to recognize our efforts. So though you won’t see Jugnu’s name anywhere, her picture has become
the POSTER IMAGE for most articles demanding strict laws to provide justice for rape survivors and heroes. . That is the Power of Sincerity

The first KBC Karmaveer episode


KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati India’s most popular TV show) has started the KBC KARMAVEER series showcasing our REAL UNSUNG heroes.

KARMAVEER – the global awards for social justice and citizen action are the first awards, which recognized UNSUNG heroes and today many of our award recipients have also received other global and national awards (Magsaysay, Nobel, Padma, Social Impact Awards, CNN Real Heroes awards). The Karmaveer has also inspired other awards in India and globally, to recognize REAL UNSUNG heroes.


REX Since Inception

Buddha had said that “An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” Keeping this thought in mind the REX conclave from inception has been converting ideas into action through strong advocacy and policy influencing. From the beginning the REX Facilitator & Curator Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) started dreaming of an idea for building an egalitarian platform where concerned citizens from all walks of life could get a stage to present their thoughts and ideas. Thus was conceived Invisible Leaders of India during the visit of HRH Prince Charles’ visit to India in September 2004. Jerry used this opportunity to recognize the “invisible leaders of India”.


Jerry followed this up immediately with another event titled “Vision of India” where In December 2003, the founders of iCONGO planned, managed and supported an event for PUCL and Anhad in Chennai with leading celebrities like Kamal Hassan and Amala and Media partners like Vijay TV and The Hindu, to sensitize people



Dev’s outlook to life changed the day he accompanied Chandini in the year 2016 to RKGF where she was being awarded for her work in the upliftment of slum children. It’s at Rex Karmaveer Global fellowship and awards that one more Hero was born and inspired to follow his heart and passion to open up his own organisation and unfurl his heroic potential to inspire, motivate and build a platform he called “Voice of Slum”.

Today Dev Pratap Singh is the President of this NGO.

He attributes his success to unleash this Heroic potential, courage and inspiration to be the voice of the lesser privileged to the three days spent at Rex Conclive where he brainstormed with other fellows and ignited his fire that was already simmering to roar with in him. The fire in his belly was to help him to take forward his work with dignity, grace and integrity and attain success with his hardwork and struggle.

REX Karamveer platform not only unleashes the Heroic potential of its chosen awardees and fellows but it causes a ripple effect and an impact that can be felt in the heroic and inspirational work of HEROS Like DEV.

RKGF is a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and a place where people kindle their inner fires and share their stories in the warmth of them. It’s a conclive that brings out and inspires more heroes by inculcating a sense of responsibility to fulfill fundamental duties as citizens like in the case of DEV and many more.

“Fellows handhold and help each other and all around them to soar and inspire more”

As Chandini and Dev say,”We were born in a slum but the slums do not dwell within us”

Dev is the representative and voice of “Voice of Slum “. He knows the true vagaries and realities along with struggles of living in a slum. He has been one who has known and lived the struggles of a slum dweller and done many an odd job on streets such as rag picking, so he feels the pain and pulse of people he aspires to uplift.

The aim and Vision of’ Voice of Slums” is to provide slum children a platform where they can see their future amongst the mainstream society and develop skills and mind-set shift through support and lead a happy dignified life.

Dev had a tough childhood and he could not take the abuse from his father so at the nimble age of 11 he ran away from home and he calls this his strength as he knew he had to change something in his life to better his future. Life was tumultous even after leaving home, as he lived on railway stations for several days, got arrested and was in juvenile jail for a fortnight till he managed to leave all that behind.

He had made up his mind that he may be born in the slum, to be just another slum dweller, ragpicker and a beggar, but he wont live that life and made up his mind to fight for a better life. He was very diligent and focused to earn respectable and sustainable living. In order to fulfill that Dev travelled to Goa and started working as a waiter in the restaurant of a stranger he accidentally met there.
He came back to Delhi after few years and tried to open a mobile repairing shop with the savings he had earned in Goa. But unfortunately, he could not achieve his dream due to his mother’s untimely death in an accident.
He went into depression, but the fighter in him did not give in or give up and he finally managed to join a company as a salesperson. Even though he was earning enough to live comfortably, his heart was not happy.
During this time Dev met Chandni who had a similar background as him, and her mission and a vision to help slum children get a better life inspired him tremendously and “Voice of Slum’’ the NGO was born.
Dev is the Editor of their Slum Post magazine, He has been an inspirational speaker at TEDx, Joshtalks, the August Fest, “Media Festival”, “Thapar University” & speaker at “Punjab University, Patiala” etc.

In the words of Chandini who is a REX Karmaveer Fellow and an inspiration to Dev and many more says,”Since we ourselves have gone through the pain and struggle of slums, therefore, we want to bring out the other children of slums from there and give them a life of dignity”.

The tireless efforts of Dev and Chandini have gone into launching an organisation where they provide education and skill development to many children.

Achievements of Voiceof Slum:
1. 100 Slum Children Admitted to mainstream education
2. 53 teenagers Skilled for various jobs
3. Empowered 450+kids via 100+ Balsabhas
4. Counseled and engaged more than 300 Families
5. Empowered differently abled children
6. Voice of Slum has rescued 5 girls from hell-like situations and now they are independent and settled.
7. Instrumental in supporting 2 children in dire medical situations and they are under-going treatment.

Dream and Mission
1. To sustain the existing initiative where 250 children are being prepared to get them admission in mainstream schools with facility of teachers, stationery and books etc.
2. Aspires to open a school for 500 slum children.
3. Provide one time nutritional meal to the children in their school.
4. Reach out to 100000 (one lakh) children of slums through our initiatives and make them independent in respectable profession and uplift their family conditions.

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