Choose to focus your time, energy and CONVERSATION around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest and wisest self.
Karen Salmansohn
A single conversation across the table with a wise person is better than ten years of merely studying books.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Glossary inspired by all our REX Karmaveer Global Fellows



The REX knowledge forum is not just a 3-day conference but a LiVE conference of fellows learning with and from each other 24/7/365 through collaborations and partnerships they forge at the 3 day REXperience. Besides live conversations that happen at the 3 day REX conference, The word CONCLiVE also stands for mindful , meaningful, meritorious conversations happening between our REX Karmaveer Global Fellows regularly, to collaborate and create synergy for supporting each other to fulfill their respective ideas for action. In a nutshell REX CONCLiVE is all about conversations between fellows and by fellows who speak at the event and then regular offline LiVE conversations for supporting and mentoring each other to learn more, be more and do more. The focus is on self-awareness/discovery/ learning and social consciousness.

moJOsh Inspirators

moJOsh Inspirator is a simple concept, which is both a noun and a verb!

Noun: A person who inspires others with her or his simple, small and heroic actions that make the big
Verb: A person who develops the 3 moJOsh Inspirator mindsets and endeavours to live the 0 + 21 powers and 7 virtues that are in the moJOsh Inspirator leadership and life lessons book that has impacted millions around the world.
Our chosen REX Karmaveer Global Fellows, rock-star orators and performers who infuse and enable moJOsh are all moJOsh Inspirators.
moJOsh Inspirator as a learning ideas are 3 simple mindsets with a set of 7 Virtues and 21 Powers rooted in Practical Values. The idea is to make these values (or principles) practical to discover, harness, kindle and unleash these powers by having the moJOsh Inspirator mindset.


Kindle inner fire, everlasting audacious spirit, positive energy & potential


Unleash Happinezz, zealous excitement & creative enthusiasm


Share and Enable Inspiration, Mindful Joy of Giving and Junoon (Heroic Passion)
REX- In Latin, REX means KING. REX is the KING of all real life learning forums and churns KINGSIZE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP to make a difference in our world. Here the learning does not happen from any one speaker or all speakers as everyone gets a chance to speak and share their thoughts. Hence it is the only one of its kind Learning Forum where everyone is learning from each other’s experiences and life stories. This is what makes it most unique. We not just another conference, we are a KINGSIZE wisdom transfer and knowledge sharing REXperience.


The overall experience of awesome shared and collective learning, fellowship and fun at the annual event.


People who are chosen as REX Karmaveer Global Fellows to attend REX or get anopportunity to attend REX as companions. All participants are called REXtors.


Every Thing awesome that happens at REX (the fun, the learning, the conversations, the talks, the performances, the awards and collaborations) between REX Karmaveer Global Fellows is loaded with zealous excitement and creative enthusiasm.


REXtors have used the word to describe the awesomeness and inspiration they feel atREXperience. It’s an alternative for SEXY. We are REXy.

moJOsh Inspirator Leadership and Life Lessons

A one-day coaching program on moJOsh Inspirator lessons for chosen fellows to attend. This learning has positively impacted over 5 million people over the past 15 years and is now published as a book. Based on the concept of EVOLVING MINDFUL CONSCIUSNESS, this learning focuses on helping each and all to UNLEASH HEROIC POTENTIAL by INSPIRING SOLID CHARACTER. This learning will help all to achieve Life- Work-Play Balance which is the biggest need of the hour for most human beings. The balance. Aspecial collector’s edition of the book will be gifted to fellows who attend the leadership program. This is facilitated by the founder Jeroninio Almeida who is a much sought Leadership Coach and the creator of the moJOsh Inspirator learning system. More about Jerry

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