Frequently asked questions

What is your commitment and binding as a REX FELLOW to REX Fellowships?

There is no commitment or binding we expect from you towards the REX Fellowship; however you are expected to follow and adhere to the ethos, values and Fellowship code as outlined down in the brochure.

How long is the association?

The association is life- long. You can participate in various functions that will be held from time to time.

What are we supposed to do?

You are expected to do whatever you are doing now to bring about a positive change, or can associate yourself with any of the other organization working in the field that interests you.

Can you be on a full time job and be a fellow too?

Yes. You can be in a full time job and be a fellow.

Will you arrange for the transportation and lodging?

As a tradition, we do not provide any accommodation or travel and only provide the bursary to attend the program without any fees. All our fellows arrange for their own transportation and lodging around the location of the REX CONCLiVE.

What if one is not able to attend the REX EVENT on all three days?

You will appreciate that REX is a wisdom transfer, knowledge sharing and culturetainment platform and for that it is important that we hear out others and their ideas, and also share your own ideas and view so that the synergies can be created.
Please note that we have waived all fees worth Rs. 2, 75,000 for fellows and made the event exclusively by Invitation only to ensure quality of the fellowship and the REXperience, even though it has curtailed our fundraising endeavor. Thus, we do expect all our fellows to attend all events and grace all events on all days of the REXperience and value this valuable bursary and gesture of fee waiver. This would help you to meet, network and collaborate with other fellows.
Therefore it is expected that all fellows attend the award function on all days in solidarity with all fellows.

Is it a campaign connected to any political movement?

No, REX has no connection with any political movement. In fact we are totally apolitical and non –partisan. We also have no leaning towards any particular religion or sect.

Like one of our veteran fellow, Mr. Ravi Chaudhry (former chairman and CEO of several Tata Group companies) rightly said at the REX CONCLiVE that “REX Karmaveer Fellows are simply voices of conscience, who shall voice their dissent against any and all wrongs and social evils plaguing our society, nation and world.”

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