What Is The Need For A Forum Like REX?

REX forum is established to recognize and give an opportunity to real life heroes, who have worked silently over the years for the betterment of the society, without any ulterior motive. In a world of paid and fake news, we feel it is imperative to have a platform which encourages people to share their real life stories and inspire others to bring out their hero from within, along the way. We believe free thought and discourse is necessary to bring about change.

What is the symbolism of the REX logo?

The logo is designed to inspire the Eastern Ethos to be the change.
REX is written in an eastern font and has the Rupee symbol, because funds raised from REX would be invested in projects that result in the greater public good.
The X in the REX has been designed to signify RIGHT every WRONG.
The human figure kneeling to light the candle signifies humility and integrity, to reach out and drive change. It is based on the Chinese proverb, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.
The core colors are Red and Orange. The red color, which symbolizes purity and joy in Eastern Cultures reiterates our intent to RIGHT every WRONG without any fear.
The orange flame signifies the western energy of innovation and is also symbolic for happiness, generosity, vibrancy and warmth of concerned thoughtful people igniting the inner fire for positive change.

Why are Rex rock-star orators given only 9 minutes?

Over the years, it has been proven that the bet speeches should not be over 10 minutes. You need a clear, compelling, concise message for your audience. This guideline for great speeches is specially needed in today’s day and age where people have limited attention spans. Hence, after a lot of research and deliberation we have created the 9 minute principle. This also helps the orators to focus on the key points they want to address in the oratory and not digress.

What is the criteria to become a Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow and how do I become one?

If you have been a catalyst of change, done some extraordinary deed or help change mindsets in your own little way, then you are eligible to be a fellow. You can either be nominated to be a fellow by an existing fellow or write to us about your journey, and then if we deem you and your story worthy, we will nominate you.

Can anyone attend REX CONCLiVE by buying an invitation pass?

Participation in REX CONCLiVE is by Invitation only, to ensure that we bring in people who adhere to guiding principles of humanity and the basic values adopted by Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow.

Who can speak and on what topic/theme at REX?

A REX oratory could be on anything that fits in within the 3 pillars of REX:
Pillar 1: Right every Wrong action (R)
Pillar 2: Empowering & Exciting Ideas (E)
Pillar 3: Xocial Innovations & Entrepreneurs (X)
Speakers can speak about a theme that is relevant to their organisation’s idea for action or about an idea that will make a difference in society

Why does REX not accept funds from several businesses or partner with other organizations?

At iCONGO and REX we are sticklers for ethical funding. Hence, we do not partner with several organizations as we value our credibility and integrity.

How does Rex get funding for its events?

We are blessed and very fortunate as several of our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows and Karmaveer award recipients have reached out and contributed funds ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to 1 crore to help us sustain our mission. Few years ago, the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows also decided to sponsor future fellows and thus, was born the unique idea of REX GIFFFT – (The Rex Gift It Forward Future Fellowships Tree). Through REX GIFFFT several Fellows are sponsoring future fellows by contributing minimum amounts of Rs. 10,000/. Some of our fellows have also contributed sums ranging from Rs. 25,000 to 10 lakhs. All these funds are now being invested in the REX GIFFFT endowment corpus.

What is REX Karmaveer GIFFFT endowment program? How does it work?

The REX Karmaveer GIFFFT endowment program enables all chosen Fellows to begin their personal tree of social impact for Wisdom Sharing by making a difference in the lives of other future fellows. With a small contribution of INR 10,000, you as a fellow, shall be responsible for the nomination and sponsorship of 3 new Fellows in the following year. Your nominated Fellows shall benefit from being chosen as Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows because of your gifting it forward to them. Thus each of your chosen fellows may also be inspired and pledge to Gift it forward to another 3 future fellows in the next year. This shall be a continuous fellowship phenomenon every year adding more and more fellows to your REX Tree of Fellowship and Wisdom sharing in subsequent years. Only chosen fellows can sponsor future fellows. This privilege is not open to everyone but only for confirmed and chosen fellows.

What is the Eastern Ethos REX promotes?

Eastern philosophy includes the various philosophies of Asia, including Indian philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Iranian philosophy, Japanese philosophy, Korean philosophy, Arab philosophy and Jewish philosophy. The division is not purely geographic but also stems from general hermeneutic and conceptual differences that lay between Eastern and Western traditions. The traditional wisdom from the Asiatic region is what we term as the Eastern Ethos. The reason to create the foundation of REX on the principles of the Eastern Ethos is because civilizations in the East have been at the forefront of change by using indigenous, simple and humble “ideas for action”.

Does REX also promote Western philosophy and practices?

Yes we do. We believe in adopting the best practices from the west like the spirit of volunteering, dignity of labor, respect for ideas, knowledge sharing etc. Our mantra is Eastern Mysticism, Spirituality and Philosophical Wisdom ethically blends with Western Pragmatism, Modernity and Innovative Knowledge

Why does REX have a slogan “Not Just Talks, Ideas For Actions”?

Our ethos – Not Just Talks, Ideas for Action, because REX is king size thought leadership for positive change where true stories and real ideas are brought to life. Every year at REX, we do not just present cool performers with rehearsed speeches, but curate conscientious global citizens who are actively working hard to transform every positive idea to an action, to improve the this world.

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