I am extremely encouraged and inspired with all your Karma Kurry stories and the thoughts in your moJOsh Leadership learning notes, which you shared with me for my feedback. To encapsulate my feedback for the learning on the moJOsh Inspirator notes, I simply have a dozen words ‘The learning is awe-inspiring and simply potent to positively impact all humankind.

~ Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Scientist & Former Indian President on watching REX videos and reading the moJOsh Inspirator manuscript, which is inspired life and leadership lessons based on stories and ideas that one experiences at REX CONCLiVE.

The book is so gripping because it is not a story of crime grime and sorrow, but of happiness and joy derived from giving. I continued to read the unique, inspiring and awesome stories of the unsung heroes, not least the story of the author of the book, and the thought came to my mind at well after midnight, ‘This book may change my identity after all.


~ Dr. Ela Gandhi, Peace Activist, Gandhiji’s granddaughter & Former Member of Parliament, South Africa. This is from her speech at a REX wisdom transfer and knowledge sharing event in South Africa, organised by Cornerstone Institute, where she also launched the Karma Kurry book in December 2016.

REX CONCLiVE is a pioneering talk and storytelling confluence with LiVE Orators and Performers who share authentic stories and experiences of their real life-journey through a 9-minute REX Talk to IGNITE and INSPIRE ideas that work and make a difference. Ideas that this world so desperately needs, ideas for impact and ideas for action. Research shows that storytelling is the most fundamental and effective way of sharing human journeys, often with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. Stories have been shared in every culture around a fire since the time of hunters and gatherers, as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, instilling moral values and sharing ideas for action that would lead to collective change for humanity. Storytelling is a great means to create inspiration and drive change.

At REX, we create this experience with the intent of generating a mind-set, attitudinal and behavioural change for encouraging social justice and citizen action. REX is a non-profit mission and presents opportunities for Champions of Change– ordinary people who make a difference in this world with their extraordinary deeds to RIGHT every WRONG and spread the Joy of Giving. REX encourages them to share their True Stories about their journey of impact for betterment of humanity and society. REX Talks are brought to life with unique moderation, by an expert Interlocutor who encourages interactive, participatory, uncensored Talks and View-Sharing by the delegates of the Fellowship through the OPEN REX-MIC to create an enthralling and engaging experience.

REX keenly focuses on knowledge sharing, wisdom transfer through experiential fun-learning, which is dubbed the REXperience (A king-size fun learning and networking experience). At REX, we curate an inclusive, egalitarian, inspirational gathering of people from all walks of life, from around the world, under the aegis of the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship.

We bring together Karmaveer Award recipients, real heroes and champions of change who are not only making a tangible difference in our world, but are also positively changing the mind-sets of people. This unique Fellowship and gathering of true and impassioned human stories creates an innovative ONE OF ITS KIND learning experience that inspires every invited delegate, to be more, learn more, grow more, change more and do more to BE THE CHANGE.

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