Most of our fellows are chosen by the council of fellows. However, several people also send in their applications and then our council of fellows makes their choices for people who are worthy of the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Nominations. Before filling out your REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship form, please browse through these tips. They’re designed to help you submit your best application possible.

Be succinct

Quality over quantity. We’re looking for qualitative information about you to understand you better in your own words. Please adhere to character limits, which include spaces.

Ideas for Action over Academics

The REX Karmaveer Global fellowship is not an academic fellowship. Your class rank or your GMAT score holds little weight. We want to see you in full-force action — what you have done, what you are currently working on and/or what you want to achieve or create in the future. A formal education is not necessary if you have done something remarkable. REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship is an inclusive forum that has everyone from a corporate captain, government official, journalists etc. to farmers, laborers, house –help etc.

Be candid and talk straight

Even if you do not have many accomplishments, it does not matter, just tell us about your future plans and how you plan to kick start your idea(s) for action. We are choosing from amongst several applicants, so we encourage you to have courage of conviction and stand out from the crowd with your integrity. Do not write accomplishments just to impress us. If you have no big or small accomplishments but have a plan and are yet to start on your idea for action, tell us so candidly. Many of our chosen fellows are people who have not yet broken ground but have integrity and intent to begin and persevere. So share your plans to roll out your ideas for action (from new inventions and innovations, to ground-shaking research or path breaking social campaigns or activism.)

Websites, photos, articles, etc.

Links to what you have created and built, and of your accomplishments, help us get to know you better. That’s why, in the review process, we make sure to look at each one. Don’t forget to double-check that your links are all working.

Save an offline copy

We recommend you look at the application form first, and then spend time offline composing your answers in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. Please remember to keep an offline copy. We cannot be responsible for text that gets lost.
Before you apply, please read our RKGF terms and conditions and the About RKGF & FAQs to answer any questions you may have

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