[These stories] have that power to inspire people to rise and act, to make a difference.

Dr. Nelson Mandela on the Karmaveer award recipients featured in the bestselling Karma Kurry Book series.
When Jerry presents his stories and thoughts, one gets insights from thousands of books, places, people and villages.

~ Dr. Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate, Economist and Author on the stories and ideas for action shared at REX and Karmaveer wisdom transfer and knowledge sharing events

As a mission, REX was conceptualized in 2003, and launched in 2006 as an integral part of the RIGHT every WRONG and THE JOY OF GIVING movements created and promoted by REX founders. REX mission 2.0 is the new journey of REX in its 11 th year and comprises 7 elements:


A pioneering learning and culturetainment event, with a special focus on mainstreaming true stories of national and global real heroes who are making a difference in our world. Over the years, REX has inspired several talk forums in India and globally. At REX, we focus on real heroes and practitioners who can walk the talk and not just people who can deliver speeches. Hence, our slogan NOT JUST TALKS, IDEAS FOR ACTION. Our intent is to create an egalitarian platform where people who do not get a fair opportunity to collaborate with others and showcase their work, get recognized, share their stories and collaborate to bring to life their ideas for action for the greater good of humanity and the world.

To quote a Dalit Leader, Dr. M C Raj, who for the very first time got a platform to speak, where he presented his idea for electoral reforms, which then got adopted by the Chief Election Commissioner’s office and is being discussed for implementation in the Indian Electoral System.
“We received our awards too! But it mattered very little. The atmosphere of responsibility to the nation and to the world so overwhelmed the participants that the award to individuals paled into insignificance. However, no one could deprive anyone of the pride in receiving the Award. We could see it on the face of many Brahmins who came and touched our feet and addressed us as their Ammaji and Appaji. It was not out of ignorance. It was after knowing very well that we are Dalits. A world is in embryonic stage. We can come together and live together, Dalits and Brahmins. The memento is huge. The Citation will stand tall for life. The Karmaveer Puraskar Award is not any ordinary one but the most extraordinary award that entrusts one to take on more responsibility with renewed commitment. No
Travel, no accommodation arranged, not even an award dinner given. But people come all the way from New York, from South Africa, from Japan, from London, from France and we from Bangalore. This award is a serious business. It is not glamour. It is a commitment.”

REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship (RKGF)

REX is the only public event with a diligently curated audience that has participation by thought leaders from all sectors, be it Media, MNCs, Business Houses, PSEs, SMEs, IT & Telecom Start-Ups, NGOs, Government (Polity and Bureaucracy), Creative and Performing Arts etc. RKGF also curates and nominates people like farmers, actors, musicians, comics, authors, sex workers and others who are making a difference in society or changing mindsets and attitudes of people in society. Since the audience is curated, the quality of participating individuals is the finest and are chosen as our Fellows, who are also awarded the Karmaveer Chakra. The Fellowship is attended by Fellows and their companions, and encourages wisdom transfer and knowledge sharing among them. The experiential, inspirational learning and collaborations that happens within the Fellowship is remarkable. And to quote the Fellows and Participants who attend REX “It is a REXperience of a lifetime and words are not enough to describe the REXperience.”

Karmaveer Chakra Awards

The Karmaveer Chakra Awards (Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal) are instituted by iCONGO – (International Confederation of NGOs) at the behest of the UN. This set of awards is given to people who choose to voluntarily do something to make a positive difference in society. These could even be people who have just embarked upon their journey to make a difference.

Karmaveer Puraskaar Awards

This is the highest honour and award in the Karmaveer hierarchy of awards. Karmaveer Puraskaar Awards are the global awards for social justice and citizen action, given to people who are dubbed NOBLE LAUREATES for being and leading the change to make a difference in our world over a period of time.
Real Heroes; RIGHTeveryWRONG

This is the first public advocacy media portal that was launched in 2003 with the Joy of Giving mission, to mainstream true stories of real heroes. The story of Dashrath Manjhi was first brought to the people of India and the world on this portal in 2003, when Jerry met him by chance while researching the Musahar Community for the Joy of Giving documentary.

Intent of these Awards and Fellowship

In a world where most awards are fixed, need to be lobbied for and where most awards are marketing campaigns, it was decided to institute awards that would be given to people based solely on the credibility of their work.

In the words of Dr. Verghese Kurien, Father of the White Revolution, the first Karmaveer Life
time Achievement Award recipient.

“Of all the awards I have been honoured with, Karmaveer Puraskaar holds a special place in my heart, since unlike most other awards, one does not need to indulge in any nepotism or lobby with any political or social faction for the Karmaveer Award. One can simply earn this honour and recognition by doing something noble to make a difference in our world.” Dr. Kurien, our first Karmaveer Puraskaar Lifetimen Achievement Award recipient said this to our founders during the ceremony and he expressed the same to his life partner, Mrs. Molly Kurien (who had also accompanied him for the award ceremony because Dr. Kurien insisted on being present at awards despite his failing health) and whose wish was that the Karmaveer Puraskaar – Global awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action should be mentioned top most in the press release, issued after his death. This was seen in this Times of India article that first appeared after his death on 10th September 2012.

Mrs. Molly Kurien told us about this when we called her to express our condolences after Dr. Kurien’s death.

The words of legends like Dr. Kurien and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (as given below) have inspired us to
keep the Karmaveer Flag flying high but to stay grounded and humble always.

“Jerry, I have a humble request regarding my nomination. I read through the website and trivia booklet to learn more about the criteria for the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards. I agree with Dr. Verghese Kurien that the Karmaveer award is the most credible honour, because of your guiding principles of egalitarianism, simplicity, austerity, fairness and integrity. I have huge respect for Dr. Verghese Kurien, who was a dear friend and your first lifetime achievement award recipient. Therefore, I feel, that I need to do more in my personal capacity, to deserve the lifetime achievement award which all of you have nominated me for.”

Karma Kurry book series

This is the first book series that narrates true stories of ordinary real heroeswho are changing the world with their extraordinary deeds and ideas for action. The series showcasesremarkable stories of hope, change, commitment, grit, determination and passion.


Independent REX events which are held in school and college auditoriums, offices, banquet halls etc., any place where people have compelling stories to tell.

REX aims to create the most ethical, credible, uncompromising public service and advocacy media mission and wisdom forum for sharing #IdeasforAction, to make a difference in our world. Conceived and kick-started as the Vision of India and Invisible Leaders in 2003 with HRH Prince Charles’s visit to India and launched in 2006 as the RIGHT every WRONG Conclave, rechristened the REX CONCLiVE in 2012. This is a pioneering and an exclusive global-knowledge event that focuses on wisdom transfer, knowledge sharing and

REX is a curated event and is an egalitarian platform. We are the first to begin the ‘No-VIP’ Culture and strictly adhere to principles of austerity, egalitarianism, simplicity, equality and fairness which makes us a one of its kind experience in the world, fondly referred to as the REXperience by all who have attended the event over the past 10 years.

The invited delegation is a diverse and eclectic assembly of people from all walks of life and age groups. For us at the REX, each and every person who is attending is a VIP, and is equal and treated with the same dignity and respect. A common trait shared by all real-life heroes at the REX is that we are all working
towards making a difference in society by being the change and/or changing mindsets, with our humble and simple ideas for action.

The #REXperience is forever evolving; it is continuously improving and getting better. Going forward, the #REXperience will be a, by invitation only, 3+ Days and Nights of moJOsh Inspiration at New Delhi, with 100+ Rock-star Orators and Performers, 300+ REX Karmaveer Global Fellows and Karmaveer Awardrecipients, 2500+ Curated Fellows, Delegates and Participants. The #REXperience is a package of true stories, real-life heroes, exceptional orators, rare alternative performances, Ideas for Action, movies, chats, plays, book readings, theatricals, poetry, awards, fellowships, karaoke, fireside chats, networking parties, learning dens, cultural performances, and DJ evenings.

At the #REXperience you shall feel the Joy of Giving, the Junoon (Passion) to RIGHT every WRONG and generous dollops of #moJOshInspiration and happiness, with all the wonderful people and champions of change gathered under one roof!


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