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  • Dates for REX Conclive 2015-16: 25/Nov/2016-27/Nov/2016
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  • Venue for 2015-16: DPS, Sector 45 Gurgaon
  • Leadership program will be conducted on 28/Nov/2016
  • Leadership program will be conducted by: Jeroninio, Akriti & Col. Dutta


History & Impact

September 2003 was a RED LETTER MONTH and has a huge significance for all the founders of iCONGO- International Confederation of NGOs. This is was the month when the Karma Mitra & JOY OF GIVING movement was launched by the founders of iCONGO in India. The JOY OF GIVING (IPR owned by iCONGO) movement has become a huge public interest initiative today, which raises funds of over 200crores every year for various causes across India. We have also got enquiries from the US and Europe from people who want to begin the JOY OF GIVING mission in various cities in these regions. More details are on During September 2003 and December the founders of iCONGO resolved to create "ideas for action" to help people experience the joy of giving and RIGHT every WROINGs in society.

It was in 2004 that the founders organized the Vision of India, Music and art for communal harmony and peace and Invisible Leaders of India when Prince Charles visited India. Vision of India was organized as a fundraiser in a 5 star hotel at Bangalore with eminent thought leaders, captains of industry, sport stars, luminaries & celebrities. Music & Art for communal harmony event was executed by Chennai based sex workers & underserved youth with speeches by celebrities like Amala and Kamal Hassan to sensitize people for issues related to governance, electoral reforms and communal harmony. Invisible Leaders of India was held to celebrate ordinary people who were leading change with exemplary extraordinary actions for change. The founders of iCONGO were coordinating the Prince of Wales visit for sensitizing him to poverty related issues in India and decided that instead of having a lavish fundraiser at an opulent venue , it would be best to have an austere forum where some Invisible Leaders of India got felicitated for their noble work by the Prince.

The invisible leaders
Vision of India

From the beginning the REX Facilitator & Curator, Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) dreamt of an idea for building an egalitarian platform where concerned citizens from all walks of life could get a stage to interact with each other without any disparity and candidly present their thoughts & ideas. However he was concerned after the 3 events as he felt that in the glory of hosting a social event in a 5 star hotel, the real value of egalitarianism, austerity and simplicity was getting lost and it was important to ensure that the program should have the right mix of ingredients from all the 3 different programs, with a whole lot of participations from grassroots & marginalized communities also.

The big idea to create REX as ONE BIG EGALITARIAN PLATFORM struck the founders of iCONGO after they organized these 3 high profile conferences to create thought leadership for socio-political awareness and involve people in the process of change for the greater public good of one and all. This was the first KNOWLEDGE FORUM in India to discuss social issues & impact and was christened the RIGHT every WRONG conclave. The conclave also has the Karmaveer Puraskaar - Global awards for social justice & citizen action as an integral part of the proceedings. Over the past few years, various knowledge forums have been organized with participation by thought leaders from all walks of life and from across the globe under the aegis of the RIGHT every WRONG CONCLAVE

REX is the rechristened scaled up avatar of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave, which was conceived, created and led by the founders of iCONGO- International Confederation of NGOs from 2004. From 2012 REX shall now become a public event and besides being an on ground LIVE event, shall also become a virtual online LIVE event where the REX CONCLIVE ROCKSTAR SPEECHES shall reach out to over 5 million subscriber of iCONGO across the world.

REX is "ideas for action". REX is the Asian equivalent designed on the lines of TED (The TED Founder Richard Saul Wurman) is our inspiration and mentor. The facilitator & curator of REX, Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) deems Richard Saul Wurman as the REX mentor like Guru Dronacharya was to Eklavya). REX shall be promoted from the East, based on the Eastern Ethos of sharing progressive & traditional wisdom to churn "KINGSIZE Thought Leadership for Change". REX shall only have ideas that are functional, sustainable, scalable, replicable and repeatable like the ideas that have led to change through the REX forum from 2004. Some of the media coverage, invitations, advertisements, reports etc. of the programs mentioned below may be accessed in the creative collateral section.

Richard Saul Wurman

2004: The Founders of iCONGO conceive and implement the Vision of India, Music & Art for Communal Harmony and Invisible Leaders of India (all registered trademarks and IPR owned by iCONGO) as a part of the RIGHT every WRONG movement . This leads to the thought that we should have people from all walks of life on one big egalitarian platform and thus the RIGHT every WRONG conclave is conceived in 2004. (Read the natural flow of REX since inception)

2005-2006: The founders' plan that the RIGHT every WRONG conclave and Karmaveer Puraskaar shall be the flagship programs of the RIGHT every WRONG movement. It is decided to hold the conclave and awards every year on 26/11 since this is the day the Indian Constitution was adopted in 1949 and the idea is to promote this day as the National Citizen Action Day since knowledge churned in the REX conclave would be used to involve citizens in the process of change. During a meeting with Prannoy Roy of NDTV, Jerry discusses the idea and Prannoy asks the NDTV management to support REX and Karmaveer. Meanwhile after discussing the idea of the RIGHT every WRONG & KARMAVEER movements with various media houses like Times of India, CNN - IBN etc, we ignite a spark within these media houses and they launch campaigns like Lead India, Teach India, Real Heroes and social impact awards. In 2005 we also organised a small meet called span class="colorred">Karma Yuva with youth icons like Murali Kartik , Gautam Gambhir, Aakash Chopra, Shabnam Hashmi, Amit Killam , DJ Narain to involve the youth as champions of change.

Later that year we associated with AIESEC as a core partner of the REX mission with a vision to involve the youth holistically in the process of change.

November 2006: The first REX conclave & Karmaveer Puraskaar awards are planned for November 26 & 27, 2006 but due to unavailability of our main awardees , we cannot organize the event in November and after getting everyone's consensus & availability , we decide to host the first forum & awards in March , 2007. Over the years, REX has been at the forefront of leading change in India and was the first big media & live knowledge forum on socio-political issues in India and has now inspired various other forums in the social space across Asia.

March 2007: The 1st curtain raiser REX conclave is held at Satyagraha Mandap in Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat, New Delhi in partnership with Population First. Several socio-political issues are discussed. Issues ranging from child rights to human rights are brought to the fore. Issues of Farmers, Positive People and the Disabled etc. are discussed. Issues related to Right to Information, Media Irresponsibility, CSR, NGO mismanagement, Livelihood are discussed. The 1st Karmaveer is also held on 26th evening and various citizens pledge to uphold the values of democracy and celebrate 26/11 as the CITIZEN ACTION DAY.

Conclave Editorial
Delegate Mailer
Highlights: Meanwhile, the Centre for Electoral Reforms in India (CERI) said Mr. Quraishi had informed it that a three-member committee, headed by senior Chief Electoral Officer Sudhir Tripathi and consisting of representatives from the EC and the Law Commission, had been set up to study the demand for a proportional representation system. The committee would look into the ways and means of ushering in the proportional representation system, a CERI release said. The committee would have its first meeting next week with CERI.
November 2009: The 4th conclave in 2009 was on the issue of citizens rising against corruption and oragnised in partnership with UNODC, NNFI and the Professionals Party of India.
Delegate Mailer

REX Since Inception

Buddha had said that "An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." Keeping this thought in mind the REX conclave from inception has been converting ideas into action through strong advocacy and policy influencing. From the beginning the REX Facilitator & Curator Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) started dreaming of an idea for building an egalitarian platform where concerned citizens from all walks of life could get a stage to present their thoughts and ideas. Thus was conceived Invisible Leaders of India during the visit of HRH Prince Charles' visit to India in September 2004. Jerry used this opportunity to recognize the "invisible leaders of India".

Jerry followed this up immediately with another event titled "Vision of India" where In December 2003, the founders of iCONGO planned, managed and supported an event for PUCL and Anhad in Chennai with leading celebrities like Kamal Hassan and Amala and Media partners like Vijay TV and The Hindu, to sensitize people in Tamil Nadu to understand the electoral process and not just vote for politicians who make tall promises. This event was managed by sex workers and destitute youth who were trained to execute various details of event management and in the process gained jobs with event management firms.

He then planned a gala event under the aegis of Vision of India at Bangalore with various partners to bring grassroots leaders and eminent people on the same platform. However he was unhappy with this as he felt that in the glory of hosting a social event in a 5 star hotel the real value of egalitarianism, austerity and simplicity was getting lost and it was important to ensure that the program should have a good mix with a whole lot of participations from grassroots & marginalized communities also.

Thus we brought everything under the aegis of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave (which was the first mainstream knowledge forum for social impact in India) and Karmaveer Puraskaar- Global Awards for Social Justice & Citizen Action. Over the past 6 + years this movement has created huge social impact and brought people together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG.

Now in its 7th year all this has been rechristened and repositioned as REX- Ideas for Action.

Creative Collateral

In this link one may browse through the invitations, public announcements, mailers, reports of the REX programs held over the years. Besides some of the forums mentioned in the History & Impact, one may also discover that we have been encouraging the RIGHT every WRONG mission& ethos in various other forums, round table, conferences, seminars & events across the globe in partnership with schools & colleges, B-schools, UN programs, CERI (we held a big national meet to get citizen validation on the electoral reforms in 2011 and early 2012), Civil Society Campaigns, World Economic Forum, World Social Forum and other events we partner with through TiE, NASSCOM, CII and various other partners. Various of our mentors & thought leaders in the REX network are also involved as members of the Planning Commission, National Advisory council and we have been influencing policy by sharing the thought leadership churned at REX. Our founding members also share this thought leadership in leadership learning programs that we conduct in schools, colleges , B-schools, companies.