Kind Attention
  • Dates for REX Conclive 2015-16: 25/Nov/2016-27/Nov/2016
  • For details contact Akriti Anshu at or Jeroninio Almeida at
  • Contribute to GIFFFT
  • Venue for 2015-16: DPS, Sector 45 Gurgaon
  • Leadership program will be conducted on 28/Nov/2016
  • Leadership program will be conducted by: Jeroninio, Akriti & Col. Dutta

REX Guiding Principles & Values

Thought leadership they say is based on youthful righteousness - the openness to risk group rejection, in the pursuit of a better way of doing things. At REX the idea should not be random for just giving a talk (i.e. it should not just be academic or dysfunctional) or just for monetizing but about how it can make a difference for the greater good of humanity, society, environment and the world we live in. At REX unlike other forums we encourage speakers to talk on socio-political and other issues without any censorship.

"Our ethos - Not Just Talks, Ideas for Action - b'coz REX is KINGSIZE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP for POSITIVE CHANGE where TRUE STORIES and REAL IDEAS are brought to LIFE and kept ALiVE through the year/s, collectively by all our moJOsh Inspirators". Every year at REX, we do not just present cool performers or speakers who do the razzmatazz with gimmicks and rehearsed speeches, but curate conscientious global citizens who TALK THE TALK, TALK THE WALK, WALK THE TALK and WALK THE WALK and simply come and share their TRUE STORIES AND INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS. These are people who believe in PLAINSPEAKING FROM THE HEART and leave you SPEECHLESS with their moJOsh. Given below are our Guiding Principles at REX.

Our Passion:

Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG

Our Mission:

We encourage social justice by inspiring citizen action and the Joy of Giving.

At REX we inspire people to act on their ideas and to make a difference in the society/ community/ world we live in.

Our Vision:

Our dream is the creation of an egalitarian, just, humane and responsible society, nation and world.

At REX we dream to have 7 Billion Karmaveer Citizens across the globe who practice proactive citizenship, fulfil our fundamental duties to enjoy our rights and contribute with our simple, humble ideas for action towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and Holistic Social Justice.

Our Inherent Foundational Beliefs

Individual Social Responsibility of citizens is prime, because in the history of India and the world it has always been the Few Concerned Citizens who have BEEN and LED THE CHANGE. These few Karmaveers led change by igniting ACTION AGAINST APATHY and mobilised other citizens to come together for reclaiming and preserving our democratic values, fundamental rights & duties as given to ourselves in our constitution and Republic (which means People Rule).

We believe in celebrating the POWER OF ONE, individually and collectively because "We the People are we the Power". We sincerely, humbly BELIEVE & KNOW that, we as an organization or the few people involved with the movement , cannot RIGHT every WRONG by ourselves. Thus we have created this movement to bring together, people from all over the globe and create collective energy for change. You and I alone may be unable to RIGHT every WRONG but "Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG".

REX Values:

Our core objectives: