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  • Dates for REX Conclive 2015-16: 25/Nov/2016-27/Nov/2016
  • For details contact Akriti Anshu at or Jeroninio Almeida at
  • Contribute to GIFFFT
  • Venue for 2015-16: DPS, Sector 45 Gurgaon
  • Leadership program will be conducted on 28/Nov/2016
  • Leadership program will be conducted by: Jeroninio, Akriti & Col. Dutta

About REX

"Speechless! Words are not enough to define the #REXperience. This is real awesomeness and live, spellbinding moJOsh inspiration" ~ REXTORS- (Invited Fellows and Companions who attended REX CONCLiVE 2015.)

REX mission in a nutshell: Creating the most ethical, credible, uncompromising MEDIA MISSION and WISDOM forum in our world for sharing #IdeasforAction, to make a difference in our world! Conceived and kick-started as the Vision of India- Invisible Leaders in 2003 with HRH Prince Charles visit to India and launched in 2006 as the RIGHT every WRONG conclave. Rechristened as REX CONCLiVE from 2012, this is the most pioneering and only one of its kind GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE EVENT which focuses on WISDOM TRANSFER, KNOWLEDGE SHARING and CULTURETAINMENT.

Rex is a curated event and an egalitarian, humane platform. We are the first to begin the "NO VIP - NO VVIP mindset" and strictly adhere to principles of austerity, simplicity, equality and fairness. The invited delegation has people from all walks of life and age groups from 7+ to 70+. For all of us at the #REXperience each and every person is a VVIP and all are treated with equal respect. The one COMMON QUALITY shared by all the REAL UNCOMMON HEROES you shall meet at the #REXperience, is that we are all working towards making a difference with our humble, simple ideas for action and INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

The #REXperience is forever evolving, continuously improving and getting better. Going forward the #REXperience is 3+ Days and Nights of moJOsh Inspiration @ India's National Capital with 100+ Rockstar Orators and Performers, 300+ Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows and Karmaveer Award recipients, 2000+ Curated Delegates by invitation only. The #RExperience a package of true stories, real uncommon heroes, rock-star orators, rare alternative performances, Ideas for Action, Movies, Chats, Plays, Book Readings, Theatricals , Poetry, Awards, Fellowships , Karaoke, Fireside Chats, Networking Parties, Learning Dens, Cultural Performances, DJ evenings. At the #REXperience you shall feel the Joy of Giving, the #junoon to RIGHT every WRONG and generous dollops of #moJOshInspiration and #happinezz, with all the wonderful people and champions of change you meet at the #REXperience. The #REXperience assures Loads of FUN WHILE WE LEARN and #awesomeness in the ambience.


Top FAQ's

We live in the era of paid news where we become victims of propaganda and publicity that is controlled by corrupt people and rogue businesses. When we first began planning the annual RIGHT every WRONG conclave in 2006, people told us that a forum like this is not needed as news channels have these debates and talks all the time. We responded by informing them that we would not just have big names who sit and just talk in TV studios but shall have TRUE STORIES of REAL HEROES whose amazing work never gets reported on news channels. We will have people who can VOICE their dissent and speak out against companies, something that news channels rarely do as it would negatively affect their balance sheet as they would lose advertising revenues. The idea was to create a free thought, fearless spirited and fair opportunity media mission, for people from all walks of life to stand up and speak out. REX has become that platform today where anyone and everyone have a VOICE.

REX is the voice of voiceless, voice of dissent and voice of conscience. Today REX has inspired several other forums around the world and also influenced media to create panels and awards to highlight true stories of real heroes. However REX continues to be the most credible and adheres to the highest standards of simplicity, austerity, equality and fairness. In 2014 , MTV also plagiarized our brand name concept and format to start a sponsored program globally called REX TALKS to sensitise the youth to practice safe sex. We have not taken legal action because we believe that Imitation is the best form of flattery and by plagiarizing our idea if they are doing right by educating youngsters, so be it.

The logo is designed to inspire the Eastern Ethos to BE THE CHANGE. REX is written in an eastern font and has the Rupee symbol because funds raised from REX would be invested in projects for the greater public good. The X in the REX has been designed to signify RIGHT every WRONG.

The human figure kneeling to light the candle signifies humility and integrity to reach out and drive change. Based on the Chinese proverb, "it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". This simply means "let us go beyond our apathy and see how we can be and lead the change in our own small way". The core colours are Red and Orange. The RED colour which symbolises purity and joy in Eastern Cultures reiterates our intent to RIGHT every WRONG without any fear in the mind. Red is the energy, dynamism, excitement and passion of people to be the change and spread the joy of giving with purity of intent & integrity.

The ORANGE flame signifies the western energy of innovation and also is symbolic for happiness, generosity, vibrancy and warmth of concerned thoughtful people igniting the inner fire for positive change and having fun while they learn. Orange is also the colour that signifies our humble aspiration and struggle to lead change across the world with organic IDEAS FOR ACTION.

The REX CONCLiVE symbol is a microphone so that people sharing ideas get a voice that is heard far and wide. It has been changed from Conclave to CONCLiVE as people would be heard LIVE with an on - ground and online audience and the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS also collaborate to keep the ideas ALiVE over the years. Everyone who speaks at REX gets the opportunity to be heard by over 15 million (grown from 6 million to 15 million in the past 2 years) people across the globe and the numbers keep increasing every year. Besides a LiVE webcast all REX speeches and performances shall be available under REX TUBE for eternity on this website so people can learn from the ideas and action the same anywhere across the globe.

Our chosen Rock-star Orators and Performers who are carefully curated by our former REX KARMVEER GLOBAL FELOWS.

Over the years it has been proven that the bet speeches should not be over 10 minutes. You need a clear, compelling, concise message for your audience. Many of us worry about our presentation skills and how we will come across to our audience. But one of the best ways to engage with your audience when public speaking is to make sure that your speech is sharp & concise. That way we won't bore our audience and we will keep their attention.

This guideline for great speeches is specially needed in today's day and age where people have limited attention spans (the mind starts wandering after 5 minutes) and the mind meanders to a message on Whatsapp or other social media apps on smart phones. Hence after a lot of research and deliberation we have created the 9 minute principle which is the best time span to deliver a great speech.

This also helps the orators to focus on the key points they want to address in the oratory and not be all over the place. Never forget that Abraham Lincoln's most powerful oratory The Gettysburg address was for less than 5 minutes and is a landmark oratory that we have researched and created learning around this talk for The REX Institute of Public Speaking.

A REX ORATORY could be on anything that fits in within the 3 pillars of REX (as given below IN THE RED BOX) cutting across any and every thematic sectors Banking, Insurance, Microfinance, Telecom, Advertising, Retail, Infrastructure, Low Cost Housing, Aviation, CSR & other FMCG, White Goods, Lifestyle or Luxury brands, NGOs, Government, Venture Capital, Social Ventures, Media, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Public Health, Philanthropy, Agriculture, Youth Affairs and other themes. Given below are the 3 pillars of REX and the oratory has to be customised to fit in to any of the 3 pillars or in all pillars.

Pillar 1: Right every Wrong action (R)

Pillar 2: Empowering & Exciting Ideas (E)

Pillar 3: Xocial Innovations & Entrepreneurs (X)

We shall have rock-star orators from all thematic sectors be it Businesses (Banks, retail, construction, advertising, consumer products, white goods, consumer durables and all businesses), Government, the 3rd sector, the 4th estate, students, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, innovators, ideators, philanthropists, etc.

All speakers can speak about a theme that is relevant to their organisation's idea for action or about an idea that will make a difference in society. (For example Meera Sanyal a banker speaking on caring capital and how micro finance needs to be more responsible (R/X), Dr. Villoo Patell speaking on how biotech can create robust public health models (E/X) , Onir a film maker & producer on making cause related movies (R/E/X), Marco Carrano an architect speaking about building energy efficient cities(R/X), Gul Panag a movie actor speaking about corporate volunteerism accreditation, (X) and so on.

The common thread the speakers need to stitch in to their ORATORY is how the idea they speak about can make a difference for people and planet.

Now anyone and everyone can get their 9 minutes to speak out and be heard! Every speaker who makes the cut shall be given 9 minutes to present her/ his idea. Each idea should have an essence of the REX ethos and can be from any of these. Our REX rock-star orator shall have to share an idea with a bespoke topic that synergises with one or all 3 pillars of REX.

Ideas have become far more important to us than action - ideas so cleverly expressed in books by the intellectuals in every field. The more cunning, the more subtle, those ideas are the more we worship them and the books that contain them. We are those books; we are those ideas, so heavily conditioned are we by them. We are forever discussing ideas and ideals and dialectically offering opinions. Every religion has its dogma, its formula, its own scaffold to reach the gods, and when inquiring into the beginning of thought we are questioning the importance of this whole edifice of ideas. We have separated ideas from action because ideas are always of the past and action is always the present - that is, living is always the present. We are afraid of living and therefore the past, as ideas, has become so important to us. - J. Krishnamurti. (In a nutshell an idea is important only when it leads to action).

REX is Latin for KING and REX CONCLIVES over the past few years have been churning KINGSIZE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP FOR POSITIVE CHANGE with an eclectic mix of "rock-star Orators, cause related cultural Performers, short film screenings & awards where ideas speak out to encourage proactive action to change our world.

This is an initiative under the auspices of the RIGHT every WRONG & Karmaveer Puraskaar global awards movement which is promoted by iCONGO- International Confederation of NGOs & CtrlS Foundation.

REX CONCLiVE is the scaled up new avatar of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave a media mission that has been pivotal for pioneering cutting edge thought leadership and ideas for action towards addressing various social, political, economic and cultural issues ranging from Education to Healthcare & Poverty to Marginalization, Climate Change, Corruption, Electoral Reforms, CSR, Communalism, MDGs and Constitutional Rights & Duties awareness. The movement has instigated and inspired other campaigns like Lead India, Teach India, Social Impact Awards, Real heroes' awards and various other forums on social issues.

The annual RIGHT every WRONG conclave has been bringing together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers who have shared avant-garde ideas & thought leadership that has been translated into action and movements through the iCONGO volunteers & member networks. Various thought leaders have spoken at REX in the past 9 years, including global leaders & celebrities, sports people, students, business, media, civil society and grassroots leaders. In 2012 the conclave was rechristened to REX CONCLIVE and over the years has become a high profile, big ticket LIVE & ONLINE event where thought leaders are invited to engage with audiences of over 15 million people globally, by giving their most enthralling talk in 9 minutes or less.

At REX our rock-star orators get a LIVE & ONLINE platform to share their thoughts and ideas for action which may lead to change for the betterment of society, planet and people. The bedrock of REX is simply the thought "that there is no greater force for changing the world than a powerful idea". To quote an old proverb "Not all the armies in the world can stop an idea whose time has come."

So let us Think about the power of ideas for action and how it can make a huge difference!

  • Everyone has an idea that comes to mind and can be shared with people LIVE & ONLINE to inspire action and lead the change. Thus everyone can be the change and help to create a better world.

  • An idea costs nothing and can be conjured while one is sitting anywhere.

  • It can be shared with people across the world over the internet absolutely cost free. iCONGO has an ever growing base of over 15 million subscribers already.

  • And yet an idea or a thought shared with other thought leaders, leads to another thought and becomes an even bigger idea.

  • Sharing ideas can lead to huge social awareness and consciousness to help everyone think about how we can change the world one by one with our own simple actions that can make the big difference.

  • Through the REX network we can collaborate with other thought leaders, ideators, dreamers & doers to radically create mass change for the betterment of humanity.

  • It can cause the tipping point through word of mouth when people start talking and share the ideas with others.

So if you have an idea which you feel is worth sharing with the world, you can get your 9 minutes to share the idea with a LIVE audience of over 2000 people and with millions of people across the globe through our online REXTUBE videos.

Participation in REX is by Invitation Only to ensure that we bring in people who adhere to guiding principles of humanity and the basic values adopted by REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS. For the past 3 years i.e. 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 we had associated with an online ticketing agency. The agency sold the invitation passes for an exclusive pricing of Rs. 1,25,000 for the 3 day REX CONCLiVE and awards and Rs. 65,000 for the 1 Day Leadership Coaching Workshop led by the REX Founder Jeroninio Almeida with other International Learning Gurus . This helped us to raise funds for the mission and the online agency.
However we realized that a lot of people with their hidden agendas also began attending the forum (For example a person who attended the forum in 2014-15 and was promoting an unethical company's CSR agenda. The promoter of this company is currently being investigated in the COALGATE scam. Earlier also Monsanto and other unethical companies sent representatives to promote their agenda and we had to firmly but gently address these people to refrain from whitewashing their wrongdoings. This year onwards we have decided that we shall not SELL INVITATIONs and make it a STRICTLY CURATED event where people can attend by Invitation only. This shall surely hamper our fundraising but our philosophy has always been to do right and RIGHT every WRONG and hence we only want to bring in the right people into the forum.

At iCONGO and REX we are sticklers for ethical funding. Hence we do not partner with several organizations as WE VALUE our credibility and integrity. After all we cannot be passionate about RIGHTING every WRONG if we start partnering with the wrongdoers. There are several organizations out there that want to fund us not because they want to invest in a credible forum but because they want to whitewash their wrongdoings by being seen as partners in credible forums like REX. We have taken a decision to decline all such offers from organizations that are doing wrong towards planet and people. The brief small mail given below will explain it better.
In October 2013, Mark Parkinson, globally renowned educationist and a REX co-founder wrote the mail given above to us.
From: Mark Parkinson
Date: Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 1:50 PM
Subject: Think 2013
To: Jeroninio Almeida
Dear Jerry
Have you seen t his nonsense?
When you look at this page and see who the sponsors are, it's like a rogues gallery of companies who spend more time in the courts that anywhere else; Essar Group, Unitech, DLF, Adani. What great company to keep. I'm proud to be associated with iCongo and Rex that refuse to sup with the devils!! All the best Mark

A month after this mail, Thinkfest and its promoters came under the scanner for being sponsored with unethical funding and other issues. The same is happening with several global forums and fellowships including TED and other forums, who are being questioned for accepting funds from unethical companies like Monsanto and also for disallowing people to speak out, their ideas and thoughts at their forums. Check links below.
Even shows like Satyameva Jayate are being questioned since the sponsors include business like Reliance and other rogue businesses. Imagine Reliance sponsoring the truth! Brings a smirk to the face right?

We are blessed and very fortunate as several of our REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS and KARMAVEER award recipients have reached out and contributed funds ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to 1 crore to help us sustain our mission. Last year the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS also decided to sponsor future fellows and thus was born the UNIQUE IDEA of REX GIFFFT - (The REX GIFT IT FORWARD FUTURE FELLOWSHIPS TREE). Through REX GIFFFT several Fellows are sponsoring future fellows by contributing minimum amounts of Rs. 7,500/. Some of our fellows have also contributed sums ranging from Rs. 25,000 to 10 lakhs. All these funds are now being invested in the REX GIFFFT endowment corpus.

The REX Karmaveer GIFFFT endowment program enables all chosen Fellows to begin their personal tree of social impact for Wisdom Sharing by making a difference in the lives of other future fellows. With a small contribution of INR 7,500 you as a fellow shall be responsible for the nomination and sponsorship of 3 new Fellows in the following year. Your nominated Fellows shall benefit from being chosen as Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows because of your gifting it forward to them. Thus each of your chosen fellows may also be inspired and pledge to Gift it forward to another 3 future fellows in the next year. This shall be a continuous fellowship phenomenon every year adding more and more fellows to your REX Tree of Fellowship and Wisdom sharing in subsequent years. Only chosen fellows can sponsor future fellows. This privilege is not open to everyone but only for confirmed and chosen fellows.

Eastern philosophy includes the various philosophies of Asia, including Indian philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Iranian philosophy, Japanese philosophy, Korean philosophy, Arab philosophy and Jewish philosophy. The division is not purely geographic but also stems from general hermeneutic and conceptual differences that lay between Eastern and Western traditions. The traditional wisdom from the Asiatic region is what we term as the Eastern Ethos. The reason to create the foundation of REX on the principles of the Eastern Ethos is because civilizations in the East have been at the forefront of change by using indigenous, simple and humble "ideas for action".
Let's reflect on this a little more and we give below some points to ponder on the same.

  • Martial Arts originated in India and were improved upon by people in China and Japan. This also gave the roots for the emergence of martial philosophy in the form of "The art of war "by Sun Tsu.

  • Public Health and Preventive medicine as a science finds its roots in Eastern Medicinal Wisdom which is the holistic system of medicine. And while allopathic medicines have no cure for diseases and only treats the symptoms it is alternative medicines from the East (like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddhi treatements which offer a holistic cure.

  • Public Administration emerged in the era of Kautilya (or Chankaya) and finds its roots in Arthshastra.

  • Zen and the art of meditation find its roots in China and India.

  • Namaste in India or Sawadheeka in Thailand is about respecting the divinity and God in each individual because we all have a God within us and Humanity is the only religion.

  • Salaam is a peace offering.

  • The first known economic system and urban settlement reflects in the Indus Valley Civilisation. The Indus Valley civilization, the first known permanent and predominantly urban settlement that flourished between 3300-1300 BCE; mature period 2600-1900 BCE, boasted of an advanced and thriving economic system. Its citizens practiced agriculture, domesticated animals, made sharp tools and weapons from copper, bronze and tin and traded with other cities. Evidence of well laid streets, layouts, drainage system and water supply in the valley's major cities, Harappa, Lothal, Mohenjo-daro and Rakhigarhi reveals their knowledge of urban planning. One of the theories about their end is that they eventually overused their resources, and slowly died out. (if we don't practice austerity and simplicity , the world today may also be headed that way)

  • The concept of Satyagraha for non violent freedom struggle with courage of conviction originated in India with Gandhi.

  • The concept of selfless, unconditional compassion was led by legends like Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita and Mother Theresa who pursued their "ideas for action" relentlessly.

  • Kaizen - Continuous improvement or change for the better finds its roots in Japan

… And one can go on…..but alas we have lost this wisdom in the rat race and it is time to reclaim our traditional wisdom and churn "KINGSIZE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP FOR POSITIVE CHANGE"
Change for the better and Ideas for Action is deeply rooted in the Eastern Ethos. And to quote Gautam Budhha, "An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea". This simple quote is the bedrock of REX which has embarked on churning more "ideas for action".
Hence all ideas discussed and shared at REX have to be actionable, functional, sustainable, scalable, replicable and repeatable. The ideas should not just be random ideas and thoughts that sound good but have no practical application. REX- "ideas for action" should drive change for the better and inspire continuous improvement.

Yes we do. We believe in adopting the best practices from the west like the spirit of volunteering, dignity of labour, Respect for ideas, knowledge sharing etc. We bring in several fellows and speakers from all around the world which includes western countries because there are chamapions of change and people who are doing all around the world.
Our mantra is
Eastern Mysticism, Spirituality and Philosophical Wisdom
ethically blends with
Western Pragmatism, Modernity and Innovative Knowledge
only at the #REXperience !

From 2003, REX was the first and most pioneering wisdom event in the world that brought in several champions of change to speak. In 2006 REX became an annual event and since then several other forums have emulated REX and created other knowledge events across the globe. In these forums, respective organisers bring in flamboyant speakers who floor people with their gimmickry and stylised rehearsed talks. "Our ethos - Not Just Talks, Ideas for Action - b'coz REX is KINGSIZE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP for POSITIVE CHANGE where TRUE STORIES and REAL IDEAS are brought to LIFE and kept ALiVE through the year/s, collectively by all our moJOsh Inspirators".
Every year at REX, we do not just present cool performers or speakers who do the razzmatazz with gimmicks and rehearsed speeches, but curate conscientious global citizens who TALK THE TALK, TALK THE WALK, WALK THE TALK and WALK THE WALK and simply come and share their TRUE STORIES AND INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS. These are people who are REAL PRACTITIONERS who believe in PLAINSPEAKING FROM THE HEART and leave you SPEECHLESS with their moJOsh.